Studio Terrain Variation

I have been using Roblox Studio for a few years now. I began working on different game ideas, one of them being a waterpark with the use of terrain. I have spoken to a few people about terrain and they came to an agreement that within the terrain itself, variation should be included.

For example, I wanted to create a waterpark using the water terrain (mainly because that’s realistic) but in order to do so, I would have liked to be able to make a lazy river and attractions. You can only modify the terrain water as a whole within the colour, transparency, wave height etc but not individually. Alongside this, if I wanted to do a lazy river I would be able to use the water normally. However, if I wanted to do a wave machine, I would not be able to do a seperate part of the water terrain with a different wave height, colour nor transparency.

This displays both terrain parts I’d like to change, make one have a higher wave size.

But as you can see here, both terrain parts are categoritised as one part making us unable to change the variation between the waves, colour, transparency etc.

If this was introduced within the terrain options on the whole (and not just water) we would all have the freedom and creativity to have variation within our games rather than one customisation option within the terrain. In addition to this, it would also enhance developers inspiration to create new and exciting games with the use of terrain and being able to utilize the terrain option in many ways.

If this is something you would like to be introduced, please support and share! Thank you.


if this was ever a feature, then the region tool would play a huge role in this then.

maybe using the region tool to apply specific properties to a terrain selection


That sounds even better and could actually work :slight_smile:

I fully support the idea to have more customisable terrain, maybe not even for water on it’s own, but whole terrain segments (as @Ashtheking300 mentioned)
If we could somehow add property groups under Terrain like that, it would be awesome :grinning:

However, I’d propose for title name change, it isn’t clear what you’re requesting, not mentioning the lack of correct format to help staff see it more clearly.
and to add to that, I’m not sure if #feature-requests:client-features wouldn’t be a better subcategory for this

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I think that something like this would be able to solve it.
Each Terrain region would be nameable and would have their own properties. You wouldn’t be able to edit other regions’ properties if they aren’t selected. And you wouldn’t be able to add/remove new terrain to regions unless you use the region tool. Kind of like how blender gives you the ability to edit certain objects only.

this is obviously photoshopped.


Yes! That would be brilliant!

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