Studio toolbox problem: The text is incorrectly displayed

Just ran into a quite unusual (and somewhat annoying) bug with the toolbox today… I don’t know how to title this, I apologize if my tittle is slightly misleading.

Bug description:
The toolbox seem to have a little problem with the text, for instance in lieu of showing “Toolbox” in the widget’s tittle bar it shows “ToolboxToolbarName” and in lieu of the creator’s name it shows “AssetCreatorName” for exemple.

The dropdown menu is also affected:

How often the bug does happen? I have no idea, I just launched studio today… I know it happens on the latest production build of Studio:

To reproduce the bug, just launch Studio and open a place (be it a blank BasePlate or not, I don’t think that changes anything.)

My operating system is Windows 10 Home ver. 1803 64-bit, I have no idea if the bug happens on Mac.

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