Regression: Toolbox text labels are now long programmer-like identifiers

I just noticed this now today (Jan. 25th, 2019) when I created a new roblox studio file that the labels in the Toolbox are not showing the right values, instead showing programmer-like identifiers.

This seems like it was like this since the previous update.

This occurs 100% of the time on a Windows 10 device on Studio version 0. 369. 1. 273919, when opening a baseplate or any other place.


The toolbox seem to have a little problem with the text, for instance in lieu of showing “Toolbox” in the widget’s tittle bar it shows “ToolboxToolbarName” and in lieu of the creator’s name it shows “AssetCreatorName” for exemple.

The dropdown menu is also affected:

How often the bug does happen? I have no idea, I just launched studio today… I know it happens on the latest production build of Studio:

To reproduce the bug, just launch Studio and open a place (be it a blank BasePlate or not, I don’t think that changes anything.)

My operating system is Windows 10 Home ver. 1803 64-bit, I have no idea if the bug happens on Mac.

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You cannot even read in the toolbox anymore for groups what you’re selecting.

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(lol censored whatever I searched :joy:)
Can confirm, annoying long names and disrupts searching of your decals. Contents unaffected, but labeling around it is broken.

As of version 370, the bug is still not fixed, any ETA on when this will be fixed?


I can confirm this, the issue is still not fixed.

I Assume this bug appeared when they tried out Applying languages support on Studio, you may not know but it’s appear that the Editor is automatically translated to French for me (even though i wanted to stay in English)

Not bug related, but it’s also poorly translated, whenever it’s about text scaling or the words itself :joy:


This problem is related to a localization issue.
It will be resolved in Studio v372, and it will default to English until all strings are properly translated.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


That’s good to hear, but I’ve got a slight question about that “studio localization thing”:
Will we be able to choose which language studio is localized to or will be be forced per system locale?

There’s no immediate plan to release localization for Studio yet, we are still working on it and things can change, but I am pretty sure we will have a preferred-language option in the settings panel.

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Will English be the default language, then you just have to opt in your native language?

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This happened now again (Feb. 20th, 2019), in this version of roblox studio:


Although the toolbox seems to be fine now.

edit: I just noticed this happens in the UI editor too:

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Also had the same problems to the toolbox, and also the UI editor

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I’ve got the issues as some of you have mentioned before, but I also got the string identifier problem with the properties tab

Can confirm, the start page buttons are messed up as well, even it’s a minor bug, I’m eagerly awaiting for it to be fixed :exploding_head:

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How come we’re the only ones that report it?

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As @portenio said it’s related to the system locale or something (for instance my system’s locale is set to fr-fr) I assume if your system locale isn’t en-us or en-uk that could explain why those “programming labels” appear.

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