Studio using ridiculous amounts of memory, starting a ton of extra windows in F7 test mode

Reproduction Steps

Studio has been unbelievably unstable over the last week or so, to the point that I can’t even pin down each of the issues me and my team have been running into for the sake of a bug report.

What I’ll attempt reporting here is that Studio has just started using inordinate amounts of RAM. I feel like it only started today, but Studio’s been on the fritz all week so I’m having trouble pegging when exactly this started.

This memory usage is upon loading into my primary Team Create file. I don’t have a good idea what my normal memory numbers run at, but I know for a fact this isn’t right.


On top of this, whenever I launch an F7 test session, Studio proceeds to open up double the number of windows required (1 player session opens up four windows), all of which use horrifying amounts of RAM, which then proceeds to lock my computer up. This only just started happening with the last couple hours as far as I can tell.

[EDIT: It looks like it’s starting each window with the viewport undocked from the rest of studio…? It won’t let me redock it though, this isn’t happening 100% of the time either. Windows incorrectly docking in Studio, malformed windows - #52 by SubtotalAnt8185]

All this is on Windows 10, studio version 0.550.0.550640. I’m running the CSG Version 3, Intuitive Debugger, New Mesh Importer, Save rig with Animation, and Script Profiler.

Expected Behavior

studio not to assault my ram

Actual Behavior

studio assaults my ram

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Performance
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly


Can confirm; simple places are starting at ~1gb+ ram and climbing w/the more sessions that are launched.


I have also been seeing this issue, I had a studio play session use nearly 15GB of ram.
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Also seeing this issue. Play testing peaked at 11-12gb of ram

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ROBLOX Studio has been acting extremely poorly since the most recent update yesterday, I assume this is just apart of it.

Thus far, the following things have been reported:

  • High Memory
  • Random Crashes
  • Auto-save Failures
  • Scaling Issues
  • Object Crashing

Studio as of right now is effectively useless and unusable, all of these reports have not yet been responded to by staff.

But nonetheless, yes I can confirm memory usage is very high…


Thanks for spreading awareness about this issue. I filed a ticket to our internal database.


I’d just like to add, if this may help, that my friend had a possibly similar issue, and figured it was the absurd size of studio’s undo buffer. This shouldn’t affect normal player gameplay if this is true.

Circling back on old issues - the original description could indicate some relation to the ongoing docking corruption issue, but this specific instance of it should have been repaired. Let us know if this is still occurring in some instances.

If it is related, I haven’t run into this specific iteration of the docking issue in eons. If I remember correctly, this particularly disruptive issue was cleaned up within a week or so of being reported.