Studio viewport undocking when it wasn't before

Reproduction Steps

No idea how to reproduce, I was testing a baseplate that I just saved to a local file with the script editor open on one script, then stopped testing. The issue occurred immediately afterwards.

I had another Studio session open and minimized.

I have two monitors.

This happens consistently for me every single time I stop testing in this file at the moment.

Re-reporting this because I know Studio changed some things to reduce the chances of this happening and I haven’t heard much about it for a while. I did not change anything with my system except for a Windows update 1-2 days ago, so the only thing that could have happened here was it being a one-in-a-million chance, something changing in a Studio update, or the Windows update causing the problem.

Log file included in private message.

After working with Studio maximized on the other screen and just coping with it, it eventually pops back in after start/stopping the game a few times… Not sure why…

Expected Behavior

Not this.

Actual Behavior

The viewport snapped out of Studio over top of the Studio window, and then after refocusing Studio was stuck behind the window. Any scripts opened afterwards open tabs in this undocked viewport.


Restart Studio.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2023-02-24 19:02:00 (-06:00)
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I have encountered the same issue.

I was able to resolve it by doing the following:

  • Press CTRL + ALT + P to open the Quick Open window
  • Type in Reset View, and click the Reset View option
  • Studio Restarts and the issue is resolved.

As for how to reproduce, I’m not quite sure. The only other odd behavior I noticed today is that the lock tool as behaving unexpectedly, such as when pressing ALT + L, it seems to unlock everything instead of toggling the lock tool. Not sure if this is related.


Save a backup of your Roblox registry hive and delete it (this is similar to Reset View). With the backup, sending it to Roblox might allow them to reproduce the issue as well.

I use Roblox Studio Mod Manager and ever since I used it, this issue was completely fixed.

Thanks for the report. I filed a ticket to our internal database.


I’m getting this bug EVERYTIME i exit out of playtest and it’s so annoying literally. I’m forced to restart studio everytime I get this bug, what happened to the 560 update??

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Hi @weakroblox35, could you update Studio and attempt to reproduce this?
If it occurs, it should ask you to reset your layout. If you hit “reset”, it should not occur again. If it does occur again, could you please post a screenshot?


It is fixed, thank you, hopefully this bug or anything related to docking issues never occurs again.

Hi, I am having the same issue presented in the post and your solution does fix it, but only temporarily. I have reset my studio settings to default, also reset the layout and after a few play-tests the issue comes back. Here’s an image of how it looks:

That is my desktop in the background, the view is outside of the studio application and is stuck there. It seems to trigger when I start a play test, when I stop a play test, or when I open a new studio file. It does not trigger every time I do one of these, only sometimes.

This is very disruptive to my workflow as I have to reset studio to fix it every time. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you fix this. Thank you.

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It is also happening to me. When I open Roblox studio, it’s fine. But, when I press play, (wait) and Stop, roblox studio layout glitch out. The main window pup out and go to the top left corner of the screen. Also, all the mouse movements are in the main window (the black window you see). This window refreshes when you open a script Tab.
I use Windows 10.

I had this occur again today, but this time I got a third window shown on my taskbar when the viewport popped out after stopping play mode in the second studio instance. Not sure if this being registered as its own separate window has always happened.


Reset View has been used so many times, dozens, to fix the other various docking problems I have had. It solves the other issues, but not this one. This seems to happen more often when I have multiple studio windows open and seems to trigger when I either close the script recovery tab or start to test play.

I just did the following and it happened first try, and happened again second try, not sure how consistent this is for other people though.

  • Open studio maximized, open the default baseplate. Leave studio on Monitor 1.
  • Click into chrome, minimize studio, click back into studio, move the camera around, etc. Move between programs a few times.
  • Open another studio instance to the default baseplate on Monitor 1, also maximized, repeat the above simulated multitasking. Note that I’m opening Studio via a shortcut in the Windows start menu both times, not using File > New.
  • Play the game in the second studio instance.
  • Stop the game, the viewport will pop out.

Also a fun fact, the viewport seems to pop back in if you play/stop, but only if you make the window smaller and have the extra viewport window visible at the same time. It doesn’t seem to work if you have another program maximized in front of it. Sometimes this is not required though, not sure if it’s a fluke or a pattern.

this bug still occurs btw and it seems to happen when opening multiple studios

This is still happening and as @p0vd stated, it happens when you have multiple studios open.

For me, it happens every time without fail, but only with unpublished places.

If I have multiple studios open the published places seem to work fine

Edit: Apparently even published places have it happen.

FWIW I have not experienced this for a while. They’re tightening down the screws slowly but surely. :pray:

Its not worth much considering this has been happening to me for a month now, its really making it hard to work, considering I almost always need more than one studio open. :frowning:

Happening to me as well. I don’t think anyone has mentioned these previous bug reports yet:

Seems to be a long-term issue.

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With the latest update, this issue has stopped happening for me.

This continues happening to me more and more frequently. It is significantly affecting my workflow. At this point it even occurs as soon as I click the play button to test. Constantly. None of the suggested fixes work for me either, I have to restart studio every single time it occurs. Currently not sure what the cause could be but I will update if I notice some patterns.