"Studio Vision" for group monetary success

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What is the Studio Vision idea?
Studio Vision is a made up term for a campaign Roblox should take for offering less restrictive business on the site.

What would this entail?
Studio Vision would be a part of groups where you would be:

  1. Verified by Roblox themselves
  2. Must be a team of at least x or more, where as x would be something like 3

  1. Robux tax would in turn become something like 5-15% instead of 30%
  2. DevEx rates would be increased

What does this accomplish?
Teams of developers would no longer need to worry about losing upwards of 30% of their revenue. Now this doesn’t solve the issue of DevEx being too little to help large development teams, what it does do is provide leverage for Roblox as a company to help these teams out. Financially, Roblox may not be in a position to start handing out larger sums of money to hundreds if not thousands of developers monthly.

An extension to this would be “group cashouts” where the DevEx amount can be transferred to a “company checking account” for distributive later. How does this differ from the robux tax reduction? Group cashouts would be the same as individual cashouts except 100K robux would cashout to $850 USD instead of $350 USD.

These are just some ways Roblox as a company can help groups out. I recommend these approaches because teams should be helped first with the Developer Exchange issue before individual developers.



If more people are gonna create their own studios, the better the games are gonna be.

And with this, it’s gonna be sustainable and good for developers that would work in such studios.