Studio Won't Close Loading Window After Opening New Place

Reproduction Steps

Open a team create place owned by a group (my use case at least). If it’s worth mentioning, this place was already a team-create before the global change went into effect. In that studio, press Ctrl + N to open a new baseplate. Get stuck on a loading game window loop. This has been ongoing for maybe the past 7 days.

Expected Behavior

Me to be able to get back to the team create studio and continue developing

Actual Behavior

A window pops up that cannot be closed. The new baseplate is opened fine.




I have to close studio via task manager to get back to my work. Interrupts workflow when you want to test something on an empty baseplate really quick.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Freezing
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
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Having the same problem.

Temporary workaround: “Create New Experience” button in Create - Roblox

Not an ideal workaround since my goal isn’t to have a published baseplate, it’s just to have a quick baseplate for me to test something on without publishing it.


I have also been experiencing the same issue for a couple days now with the exact same parameters (group game, etc.)

Thanks for the report. I am unable to reproduce this issue on my end. Are you still experiencing this?

Yep, still 100% of the time. Team create owned by a group in my situation at least.


Exact details as OP; fully functional studio gets soft-locked by hitting New (Ctrl+N) menu option in top left. This happens in team create, non team create, multiple groups. I have reinstalled studio. this is not place specific or team create state specific, and the new place (baseplate) is fully functional while the departed one is the locked.

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Seems a post was made 4 days after this original post, and it was commented that it was filed. I suppose you can tag this on there as well? Creating new place file results in 'Loading game (attempt #n)' dialogue, prevents studio use

That other post contains the solution, also:


(its a beta feature issue ‘New experiences enable Team Create’)

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Appreciate the fix! Would like to see more opt-in features rather than opt-out, especially if it’s going to cause disruptions to workflow like this.

I must admit, this has only been happening recently really since the snapping-to-grid update (another thing that has arisen around that time).

Whenever a new place opens -

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