StudioService:GetClassIcon() only returns the old icons

GetClassIcon only returns the old icons . This does not return custom icons or the new ones for classes.

–MeshPart example. AssetId for the image is: rbxasset://textures/ClassImages.png


local StudioService = game:GetService("StudioService")
local DisplayIconHolder ="ScreenGui", game.StarterGui)
local ClassIcon ="ImageLabel", DisplayIconHolder)
ClassIcon.Name = "ClassIcon"
ClassIcon.BackgroundTransparency = 1
ClassIcon.Size =,200,0,200)
ClassIcon.Position =, 903,0, 397)

local function displayClassIcon(ClassIcon, className)
	for k, v in pairs(StudioService:GetClassIcon(className)) do
		ClassIcon[k] = v -- Set property

displayClassIcon(ClassIcon, "MeshPart") -- Replace "MeshPart" with any other class

Post above into Command Bar in Studio.

Expected behavior

I expect that Roblox Studio respects Custom Icons for classes and delivers them first. If not the custom icons then the new Roblox icons for classes.


Same issue

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Thanks. We filed a ticket to our internal database.


Please follow this topic for updates: Plugins don’t use new icons - Bug Reports / Studio Bugs - Developer Forum | Roblox