Stylized Tree Visual Issue

I have been creating a stylized tree for a project I’m working on, and every time I import the leaves it has a visual error.

I have a few examples of what I’m trying to create, but my results come no where close this this situation.

And here are my results:
This has Double Sided On and 0.02 Transparency.
This is double sided on with 0 Transparency

I have tried fixing the normals using the Data Transfer method in blender & the make single user method. If you can please help me it’d be very appreciated :cry:

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Also forgot to mention, this is the youtube tutorial I’m following, I did all the steps shown in the video. If there is another method that works please let me know >:)

May I ask is this the same google image as you would see in the tutorials or one you found?

Yes, I’m 100% sure, you can check it yourself if you’d like

Did you try putting leaves around a circle then duplicate it?

Yes, I have tried that multiple times, it failed all times