Submission Failure with UGC Bundle despite being previously approved

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I have uploaded a ‘Bear’ bundle that was accepted with no issues and went through smoothly. I then wanted to retexture the mesh to create a different bundle. This is where I faced submission failure issues. This is the same mesh and cage, only the texture has changed.

Trying to figure out the issue I changed the original Cage with an unadjusted cage ‘StylizedHuman’ Cage without any changes. When changing only the legs this was then passed with ‘panda’ or now changed to ‘Broken - LC’ as the cage is incorrect.


After finding out the legs were the issue I recreated the entire cage mesh to be sure. After the full adjustment I am still getting the Failed Submission.

I am lost, this is the same ‘approved’ mesh and cage yet I am unable to get this through?

Please can this be looked into - many other people have reported similar issues with cages and submission failure.

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Expected behavior

Reusing the same mesh and cage allows the asset to go through submission and onto QA/Moderation correctly.

A private message is associated with this bug report


We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and will come back as soon as we have updates!

Thanks for flagging!


Thank you Focia, appreciate the speedy response

After checking today, the validation seems to fail at the legs and gives me a reason now.


This however is incorrect or the default cage mesh for both ‘Stylized Human’ and ‘Round Male’ are incorrect. I have taken the feet cage from both templates and refitted them to mine, UVs, tris, vertices all match each other. No welds have been done and the mesh remains the same apart from placement of course. I have performed multiple methods to check for tris and ngons but nothing is appearing.

This could be that the templates are incorrect or the validation/submission is picking up something I cannot/will never.

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@Focia19 Not sure if the same issue and if to open a new bug,

I managed to fix this, im not quite sure how it just seemed to allow this one cage. The issue now is I got it submitted and it was rejected. This is the same mesh that was approved twice now but had cage issues.


Is there any news on this, this is affecting a lot of creators and nearly 2 weeks with nothing. The avatar section barely has any new creations per day. This should be a display with things going wrong.


Hi Vesisea, do you mind sending an fbx of what you’re trying to submit? That would be very helpful for us!

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added the file now, I believe the file I gave was the fixed version as I no longer have a broken one.

I also want to raise why is it rejecting previously accepted assets, this has happened several times now where it is approved one day, I retexture it with no color (colorable) and it gets rejected the next day.

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we have gone back and added more validation rules because of some game-breaking bugs – which might result in the discrepancy. our imaginations are also much more limited than what our ugc community can create LOL


Haha i’m sure that is not true, I have just tested it out further and now I am getting a submission failure with no code. I will post the new asset into the private section. Hope this helps make it more streamline for people.

Currently it is quite frustrating to go through this and then I have most of mine rejected.

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Hi, we fixed an issue on our end. Please let us know if you are now able to submit?


I can finally upload bundles again after 2 weeks of waiting and trying everything without success, thanks for solving this problem!

May I request if we can know what the newly added validation rules are explicitly?

For cages:
We check if each triangle has zero area in UV space - for example, a triangle has two vertices with the same UV value
For cages and mesh:
We check if each triangle has zero area in 3D space - for example, a triangle has two vertices with the same xyz values
This list may not be exhaustive


Hey Mrxchu, appreciate the hard work on getting this fixed. The issue of submission failure seems to have settled down for me and what I can see some other creators.

I am uploading today and will see what occurs. As for previous items being rejected that once were approved is there any changes to do with censorship or more openness to what is perceived as a Modesty Layer?

I personally think this is subjective to what does and doesn’t need a modesty layer and worry that this is being lost if AI is being utilised.

This is our official modesty policy: Marketplace Policy | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

I can’t speak to exactly why a previous body might’ve been approved before but not currently, but we have updated our validation policies of pure geometry requirements, which might be more restrictive then what it was previously.

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I thought all validations before submission would catch the technical issues is this not the case? so things can be technically faulty and rejected after being validated and submitted?

Sorry for the questions this is just increasingly frustrating to waste time on and get no answers on the back end of a rejection. I then have to use slots to try and ‘guess’ what the issue was.

We are working on improving our backend messaging, but sometimes the backend server is updated before the change can get propagated to the client. So it may pass local verification, but not on the backend. To my knowledge, we are not currently performing any checks on the backend that would not be performed on the client, but it’s possible new validation rules may have been added that would reject bodies that would’ve passed previously.

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Really appreciate all the replies and the work but this corrected half of the issue. Is there anyway to pass this over to moderation to see if they know the cause?

If you could be a little more descriptive, I could ask for you – what assets exactly / bundles are causing problems, and include any screenshots you think would be helpful for explanation?

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