Submission Failure with UGC Bundle despite being previously approved

I am having issues with retextures of the FBX I sent over when working and going through to moderation. This gets rejected, from my understanding the modesty layer is for skin like (human) characters and even when adding a layer it still gets rejected. Which is why I asked about tech issues after validation.

They both use the same mesh - although resubmitted at this point and adjusted from the original ‘Bear’

(Bear Colorful) 1st picture - Bundle ID 6384
Panda 2nd Pciture - Bundle ID 6441

At which point does it get rejected? Are you able to upload succesfully but not pass moderation? ALso which one passes and which one doesn’t?

3222 - Bear Passed (pictured)
3670 - Panda (Broken Cage) passed (pictured)

So these are the ones that previously were passed by moderation. I am able to get to moderation so all pre-checks are done and passes validation. Then it gets rejected a few minutes after submission.

Both of the ones bundles I posted previously do not pass.


Hello @mrxchu, there is an issue with all newly uploaded avatar bundles right now - no thumbnails are showing up. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Recently Created Characters: Catalog - Roblox


I have passed ur question along to moderation – i’ll let u know if they update me

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hi RobotGentleman, we are aware and currently are working on it

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Thanks for that mrxchu greatly appreciated!

so it looks like that all of these require a lower modesty layer. If your texture is “smooth” it is considered skin and thus requires the modesty layer. If it was “furry” (something with depth and texture), it would not require the modesty layer.
Previously, our moderation was not consistent so several animal bodies passed that shouldn’t have. They will probably be removed retroactively.


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