Suddenly received hundreds of thousands of ROBUX through Game Page Revenue Conversion?


This is the only place I see the Robux. Is there a place to go where it should show the specific source? The Promotion tab does not show the money.


Check out the promotion tab on all your games. It’s in dev stats.


I have signups but still nothing that seems to explain all the money.

Is this just a case where someone that signed up from my game just happened to buy 500k Robux? That seems unlikely.


My game’s promotion page looks pretty similar to that. Quite a few signups but little revenue. I think in its lifetime we’ve only made like 4-8k off the game page conversion. Man do I wish I was getting the random 25-800k these guys are.


Yeah it’s very strange. I’m confused on how this is working all of a sudden like everyone else, but I made a hefty R$ 20 from it:


It’s always worked, just kinda rare usually. Congrats on the R$20 :slight_smile:


Would also like to point out that in group funds it doesn’t show conversion revenue for some reason…


it’s under each individual game’s developer stats under promotion tab.


Yes I understand that. But it also shows up in your revenue stats under its own label but it doesn’t show up in group revenue stats if it’s a group game.


Looks like it was a glitch and Roblox is threatening moderation action to those affected by it. How would the people affected have known they shouldn’t spend it?


They mentioned in the email “knowingly”. If you saw this then spent it you could be moderated. But for those that didn’t know, you wouldn’t get moderated.


I got this message too, and I checked and didn’t even receive any game page conversion revenue. Now they’re threatening to ban the victims of their own screwup, sounds fair.

This is especially insulting seeing as the Black Friday sale is this week >_>


So basically, people who don’t know how they got extra robux can get banned for using it.

People who didn’t know that it was a bug, get banned for using it.

How can you “Knowingly” use it unless you use it after they sent this PM. Seems too flawed.

Also if you don’t even see the PM sent by Roblox because you either don’t check PMs or your PMs are flooded, you get banned.

v See this below, say you do not check anything Roblox (PMs, DevForums) related and spend this robux, B A N N E D


Thank you for voicing your concerns.

Do not worry, the robux you shouldn’t spend will be displayed here (

To help further clarify the messaging, this is for robux that was not earned that you knowingly spent with a malicious intent. Situations such as the one mentioned previously, will be revised carefully before any action is taken.

Please rest assured, we will be following up next week with more information.


How can Roblox be 100% certain whether a user spent the robux knowingly or not?


So just to clarify, as long as we don’t spend enough robux to the point where it falls below the amount we earned from the Game Page Conversion Revenue, it isn’t a problem?

I just want to make sure people don’t get falsely banned because they used robux that were “marked as bad” because there is no way of distinguishing individual robux from an outside perspective.

Also, what is going to happen to people who have already spent that much prior to the announcement made about the error?

No need to immediately answer, I just want to make sure these questions are addressed internally.


Those situations will be revised on a case by case basis. We will make sure the situation is revised properly before a serious action is taken on an account.


This is for robux spent with a malicious intent, it will be resolved internally on an individual basis. We understand most developers might have spent it without knowing before they received the direct message on Roblox.


Regarding Devex restrictions: does that mean we can’t make submissions until further notice, or they just won’t get approved? Does it affect people who didn’t get any Robux at all from the issue?


Submissions won’t be approved until next week. This was already the case due to the Thanksgiving break. They will get back to it next week at full speed :slight_smile:


Is putting Robux into the ad system for our games malicious intent?