Suddenly received hundreds of thousands of ROBUX through Game Page Revenue Conversion?


This currently applies to all cases where you knowingly spend the non-earned robux.



I am a user that makes 10,000 robux off this bug. I don’t know that I got it since I have thousands of robux on my account. I’m not a member of the forums here, I don’t read PMs because I get many or I simply do not see the notice. I spend 10,000 robux on a new limited OR on ads for my game. According to you, this is marked as malicious and I am now banned.

Correct? If so, then banning people shouldn’t be the answer. This is the second time something with rogue robux entering accounts has happened in under a year, this is unacceptable.


Thank you for bringing it up.

We will follow up next week with more information. We understand these sort of situations and will evaluate it internally before taking any serious actions.


Might be useful to transfer this thread to a public section just for this reason so any non members affected can see.

Question for Carlos, how does Roblox define “malicious intent”?


Great suggestion, I’ve moved the topic to Platform Feedback > Web Bugs.


Why is anyone being threatened with moderation for a mistake that was 100% Roblox’s fault? Especially considering the majority of people affected are Roblox’s top developers. Not to mention people are being told a week late.


because they are now telling people not to spend it and so technically they can now moderate you


Thank you for pointing it out.

To help further clarify the situation for everyone, the messaging was directed at users who might decide to maliciously use the non-earned robux. We won’t take a moderation actions on developers who might have unknowingly used the robux. These situations will be revised internally on a case by case basis.

We understand our developers concerns about the current situation and will be following up next week with more information.


I’m somewhat speechless at your comment that the messages were directed at specific users who might use the robux with malicious intent. I know you probably can’t answer but does this mean that everyone who received a message has some sort of moderation history relating to robux?

Like, I understand it, but still.


Don’t take it the wrong way.
I imagine they just sent it to people who received an abnormal amount of robux.
Even I received it, and I know they don’t personally think I would do anything like that.


I’m not. Just interesting that roblox targets messages based on history like that.


They don’t.


I received 0 Robux from the Game Page Conversion Revenue, and still got the threat.


Honestly at this point we would be better off just waiting for the official follow up next week.


Thats odd. There might be other factors, or maybe they just messaged anyone who has ever used DevEx, or has had a large amount of robux. I’d rather not make hostile speculations about how they made these determinations, lets just wait until they provide an official follow up.


By the time they make their follow up, the biggest sale of the year will be over.


Please feel free to use this information as reference.


Apologies for the confusion, the messages were sent out to all of the developers impacted. This doesn’t mean those specific developers were marked as malicious.


Thanks for the clarification.


I recently got the warning too. Nothing is out of the ordinary from looking at my earnings but rather keep things on the safe side I suppose.