Sugaree Bakery - Alliance Guide

Sugaree Bakery - Alliance Guide


• 1: Introduction.
• 2: Alliance Requirements
• 3: Alliance Application
• 4: FAQ

1: Introduction:

Welcome to Sugaree Bakery’s Alliance Guide! This Guide should direct any of your questions when it comes to forming an alliance with us.

We do hope that all of our affiliates are stable with Sugaree and would like to keep it that way for as long as possible. If you are looking to ally with us, we can’t wait to see where we might go together!

This Guide does not only include the application, but also alliance requirements and FAQ.

2: Alliance Requirements:

So that (we hope) our alliance is stable with your group, we have set some Alliance Requirements which must be fulfilled before allying.

Your Roblox group must have at least 50 members or more. (Exceptions may be made but only depending on the group’s structure.)
Your Discord Server must have at least 15 non-botted members.
Your Management must be professional and active.
Your group must contain an Industry (Homestore, Cafe, etc.), Military groups are not allowed.
Your group must currently have an Application Center or Interview Center.
Your group must be in good terms with the Roblox community.
You must be able to provide 2 representatives from your group, as we will for you as well.

3: Alliance Application:

If you have fulfilled our Alliance Requirements and would like to ally, go ahead and take this application below.

You can submit the application by DMing the Vice President of Sugaree with all of the questions listed below.

1: What is your group name?
2: What is your Roblox username?
3: Why would you like to ally with Sugaree?
4: What is your group’s aspiration(s)?
5: Could you benefit anything for Sugaree as an ally?
6: Are you willing to shout our events?
7: Who will you give to Sugaree as ally representatives if the affiliation was accepted?


Q: How will I know my status?
A: You will be DMed the status of your application once it’s fully read. We may set up a time to announce the alliance as well.

Q: What do I do if nobody DMs me back?
A: We will try to respond as quickly as possible while balancing out our own tasks. If nobody responds 2 days after you submit it to them, please DM them back and we will respond.

Q: Am I able to submit myself as one of the 2 representatives?
A: Yes, as long as you provide another.

Written and signed by SxmplyyAlyssa.