Suggestion: Enable SetPartCollisionGroup locally

I got a truck and I want to be able to plow through hoards of zombies with it without interference.

The way I intended to do so was to disable it’s collision with zombies locally, only on the driverside.
The zombies would still feel the impact but the driver would have no issue running them over.

This can’t be done because if you try to do SetPartCollisionGroup in a localscript you get:

This API can only be used on the server!

I know this is intended to avoid some sort of glitching, but would it be possible to allow atleast the edit of collisiongroups locally? You don’t have to create collision groups locally but atleast be able to set parts collisiongroup?

What do you think?



I’m kinda surprised this can’t be set locally.
Couldn’t you just set it on the server and have the zombies be knocked over by script?

Survivors needs to be able to stand on it. So even if I set no collision on hoards, it’ll still have same issue with other players standing in the way.


Could have a collision group for all players on/in vehicles and those that are not?

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So, your request wants to make it possible for zombies to get hit by a vehicle, but the vehicle does not get hit with the zombies.

By the setup of collision groups, I don’t think that’s quite the ideal solution - collision groups lets you define that two groups either do or do not collide with each other, and is not a single-way system.

Problem here is that the zombies likely contains a Humanoid each, so having the client turn them non-cancollided (the old way) wouldn’t be ideal, and would result in the same case as before, where players can possibly walk through the zombies.

A possible workaround would be to make the zombies and vehicle not collide with each other, but have an invisible part that covers the physical area of the vehicle, which is manually updated with CFraming or other harsher techniques, which only the zombies can collide with. That would do what you want, but isn’t very nice either.

If you could use SetPartCollisionGroup from a LocalScript, how exactly do you want it to behave? Currently collision groups are replicated to all clients, so if no change to the existing system is made, those changes would get replicated as well, making no difference. Otherwise the system needs rework, and it becomes ambigious what results we can expect from using SetPartCollisionGroup from a LocalScript or Script, as I see it.

TL;DR: Invisible hitbox can push zombies, not actual vehicle. Expected behavior of this request can vary.

To put simply: Survivors needs to be able to stand on the truck but the truck shouldn’t be affected by the survivors aka. not collide with survivors.

Can’t you technically change the CollisionGroupId on the client?


That is affirmative!
I’ll def. check this out!

EDIT: This is amazing! Works exactly how I need it to work! YES!!
Thanks man! :smiley:

I’m glad you were able to get your hoards of zombies working properly!

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