Suggestion for post approval process

Yeah, that’s how it works.

How long have you been waiting?

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I’m fairly sure that he knew this, but he was suggesting that there should be a number assigned to you with essentially, your position in the queue. I’m not 100% sure how the Post Approval team is structured, but it may not work like that. Regardless, it doesn’t really benefit you in any way except knowing why your post has taken a while to be regarded by the team.

I feel like the feature is fairly superfluous. If your post hasn’t been read, just wait for it to be read. It’s not going to hurt you if it takes a few days to read.

I think the first part about adding the “don’t bump” reminder would a good idea. Although, it should be common sense to not do this in the first place.

we don’t know if the layout of post approval is a forum layout or a mail layout.

What do you mean by this?

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This current one is still goin 14 hr atm. But last time I waited 9 days so

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Well have you seen the post approval process as the person processing it for other people? I could think it’s just a ticket system. What I’m saying is that not all people know how the process works even with those rules.

Do you see what I mean?
I’m just trying to help people who go through it who thought of it like I did that it’s just a ticket and wouldn’t be able to be bumped.

What I meant by that is that what is going on when you post for the process. Also yes that is what I meant is Roblox be assigned a number.

You should be patient in the Post Approval process. The people behind it are volunteers and try their best to review your post as quickly as possible.

The people behind the Post Approval always (as far as I experienced) give feedback when they deny your post, so you can improve it.

It would be a nice feature if the bot would tell you what your position is in the queue, however you must keep in mind that the people behind it are volunteers and they aren’t always busy with reviewing posts (they also have a private life).

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I just want to clarify a couple things about the process and why this is probably infeasible currently.

We try to work from chronological order of requests submitted (which is why it’s important to not bump your requests, the bump date is reset!), however there is no explicit queue. If a new request comes in and we can quickly review and approve it, we will.

Because of above and the fact that multiple volunteers review requests, there’s no definitive way to determine what position your request is in (post approval member A could login and approve a topic before post approval member B, etc).

Not directly relating to your suggestion, but I’ll mention for reference that the post approval process should be a lot smoother and quicker going forward than what it was (as long as users take the time to read the category guidelines and follow them, and cooperate with the post approval team when changes need to be made). New volunteers joined the team and some policies regarding who can approve topics for specific categories was changed to be more flexible just recently.


I didn’t know that and this is information that should be told really because some people think diffident.

Thanks for for the info so should I just keep this post up because it’s just a suggestion.

Yes I understand that and I’m not saying that they aren’t working hard enough I’m just saying that I want know where I am at in the process.

Got approved today

I actually didn’t know that it was volunteered.
I just was seeking info on the process because the rules of the forum don’t tell much about it.

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Nice job on getting accepted, where do you apply?

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I am pretty sure that the person where you replied on means that his post is approved by the post approval team.

If you want to become a part of the post approval team you should check this topic for more information about how they are selected.


Thanks, and how do you know so much?


This is public information that can be searched for. It’s pinned to the announcements category as well unless you’ve unpinned that manually or have the category muted. I would assume this is a thread most members wanting to rank up would be checking in with.

We also have information on the post approval process that’s readily available.

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Ah see in the how to rank up announcement but it’s in top contributors that people would see and some people just want to have access to the forums so they wouldn’t look to contributor for post process info. Thanks for the info but it should be inside the rules than in how to rank up tho wouldn’t you say?

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I’m not sure I understand your response. Are you talking about the arrow? That’s not an inclusivity arrow, it indicates that you can move from Regular to Post Approval without needing to be a Top Contributor. We have some PA members who are Top Contributors and others who aren’t. You can tell if they have the Top Contributor badge, example being me.

If you are looking for post approval information, naturally you would also be looking at anything containing post approval. The two chief sources of information are that linked post (Rule 15.1) and the post approval section on the ranking up thread.

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I think I steered of course a bit.

What I am meaning is the information about post approval is spread out and the bot only shows community rules and if I’m doing a bug report it would be how to do a bug report.

Shouldn’t there be some type of info on what goes on in post approval other than what it is for and what reason and length not the rank it’s self.

Like if I was a new forum member and I go read the rules and I see about post approval in 15.1. Then I go report a bug and it was slightly urgent and not Critical to everyone. Then you post it then we wait it gives you the bot like usual. I wait a bit you might or might not get a reply for a while and just asked if to see how is the process going not knowing how the post approval system works inside of the program.

Then you get told don’t bump Wich I know why they say that now when I was told because I don’t know how they work in there.

I just want help the process of people to not bump their posts and possibly know where their at in their process is all I’m saying.

All I know that they could of got DM the post approval Which now I think of it would be annoying.

You people do good work in there I’m just trying to make life more easier for everyone to help get straight reasons when inside a post approval process.

Which I’m just hinting is that maybe there should be more inside info about the process and maybe updated to the rules or bot or new thread for the bot.

I just want to have everyone informed if they haven’t done a post approval process on a forum before.


Ah, I see. Thank you for clarifying, that makes more sense and I completely agree with your feedback. It makes perfect sense to have information easily and centrally accessible to our users.

I personally have an initiative running where I make mini notices and information releases on things that I would reasonably be allowed to say about the PA dynamic and such. I’m not representative of the entire team and its not an official source of information but you could read it if you’re curious about one perspective on a member’s contributions within the team. Link:

I understand your point here and we are doing our best to improve practices within and incorporate feedback where we can. Recently, if you’ve known, we’ve had a few new team members join to share in in the workload so we’re hoping that large backlogs become less of a problem (meaning quicker approval times!).

Part of the reason bumping occurs is because some requesters believe their posts will get approved quickly within a few hours and sometimes there are issues that do need to be reviewed quickly, like you said critical posts that perhaps a regular doesn’t get around to posting. We don’t make it clear what happens with bump posts but we do our best to link you to existing information via the bot. It’s just some people choose not to read it and have slight misunderstandings about information that can be retrieved.

This is good feedback though and thank you for sharing it. We do the best that we can to go through the inbox, minimise large loads and approve posts quickly when we have spare pockets of time.

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Thanks for your response and ill read that post i actually didn’t know there was new people invited recently how would someone like me know when that happens?

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We typically don’t inform you when new members are added, that’s more of an internal thing. Typically the two ways I’ve been accustomed to knowing if new PA members were added before I became a member myself was to check the group every now and again and sort by added, or look at recaps when there’d be mentions that new members were added.

For the former:

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i see what you mean about that. i wouldn’t expect every new member to know either so i do not think it would be mandatory or anything like that. just only some like info than others and some people do not know how to use a forum and this is their first one like i am. but anyways about that just info for people who do not understand should be given more detail.


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