[Suggestion] Install roblox on different storages

Install roblox on different storage places.
Not just on C and appdata.


Is there a reason why?


I kind of don’t want my boot drive getting more applications on it than it already does. I’d rather store it on something like my storage drive or my games drive.


Why can’t you just move the ROBLOX application and reroute Roblox folder via Studio to another drive?


No, it should not. http://devforum.roblox.com/t/why-is-roblox-in-the-appdata-folder-and-not-program-files/29334

The oddball case is “I don’t have space on my C drive” - trading it off for any extra installation prompts is a bad idea.
Note that ROBLOX takes significantly less space than pretty much any other application these days…


True, I forgot how minimal the space is that ROBLOX takes up. I’ll retract what I said earlier then.

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You do know that roblox stores a HUGE ammount of LOG files, even though there’s no errors…
In the app data folder.

Are you sure about that? Quenty mentioned here that log files would soon be automatically cleaned up, and I’m pretty sure that ended up being the case because I only have logs from at most 8 days ago in Local\Roblox\Logs

Logs are cleaned up, and also we’d still store them in a users profile somewhere even if the app itself was in a different place (maybe in a Temp folder).

We can’t skip log saving if there are no errors - logs are there for investigating complex problems that you can’t predict beforehand…

I just want the firewall to not be spammed a ton :confused:


But this is a completely different problem! :slight_smile: It’s because we rename the folder, not because we save it to AppData…


I know :slight_smile:

its just something I thought I should bring up :3

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I personally wouldn’t mind an option to change where logs are stored. I use SSDs in my laptops now, so if I can avoid writing lots of files, I do. Yes, I am aware that the write endurance is in the hundreds of TBs of writes, but that does stack up if you plan to use the same SSD for several years.

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How hard would it be to have it installable via the current method, and an optional install to program files?

IIRC if you run the installer as an administrator it installs to program files

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I can add this as a feature to my mod manager if you’d like.


These features would also be nice (pls? :sad:)

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