[Suggestion] Materials in Meshparts

I noticed that, after uploading my first meshes and using them in Studio, the materials, despite the fact they’re there in the properties, do not work.

I was hoping it was possible to use Neon on it. Now I did see a wiki article about bypassing this issue, but it wasn’t supported and is currently removed.

I thought making this a feature would be a nice idea. Any opinions on that?


This is already planned:

(Also this should go into Client Features. This is not a feature for ROBLOX Studio on itself, it’s a feature for the engine.)


OK thanks!
Apologies for the wrong choice of topic; I’m pretty new to forums here :slight_smile:

I know mesh materials are planned, but does anyone know how close this feature is to coming out?

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It appeared on GT2 yesterday and is still on there today. So far it supports everything but plastic it seems.


Thank you, so excited. Looks even better than I imagined.

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Oooohh me too!!! :smiley:

Any update on this? :smiley:

? mesh part materials have been out lol

it’s been out for a few weeks already :wink:

edit: dangit Mr. Titanic

Oh, why are they not working for me then? xD

This is a mesh set to “Brick”… lol

EDIT: Oh, they work if I remove the texture - can I not have a material over the texture?

Texture kind of overlap roblox materials

Ah, I thought you could have textured materials!

Oh well, never mind :smiley:

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