Suggestion: Preview file attachments

Currently, we cannot preview file attachments to posts. It would be very handy if we could.

Well, you will no longer have to download every file to your computer. Also, it is faster to just view a preview.

The Google documents viewer can be useful for this.
I am not sure where to find their API, but it works as following:
The URL of the documents viewer of Google starts with After the url= part, you will add the file source.

Example of how it looks in use

Let’s say that we want to preview the following PDF file:
dummy.pdf (13.0 KB)
The file source URL of it is, we will add it to the Google file viewer and the link will be There you go, you can view the file without having to download it first.

This documents viewer should be integrated into the Developer Forum. I would like to hear your additions and feedback on this in a reply!


Since this is not a request specific to Roblox-related features feel free to put this as a feature request on the Discourse Meta instead: