Suggestion: void Humanoid:LookAt(Vector3 location)

Humanoids are great, I love using them for my mobs!
They have health, walking ability, being able to trip etc. But they do lack a function to make them turn towards a certain direction.

Many times I got a mob and I want it to face an enemy.
I could do WalkToPoint, so the humanoid will walk a slight distance in order to face the enemy.
This works but theres a chance the humanoid walks off edge, if this humanoid is the boss then it’s an obvious problem.

Yes it can be solved a million ways, but being a frequent issue I’d like to suggest a better solution.

My suggestion is a new function that will turn the humanoid without moving it.

What you think? :wink:


Rotate the Torso (R6) or LowerTorso (R15) CFrame.
obj.CFrame =,lookAtVector3)

You could also lerp this to make it look smooth.

Def. Could use tween service too. Or just bodygyro.
But point was that a new function would be an easy solution to a frequent problem :slight_smile:

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It needs to be integrated with the physics pipeline or else the character could rotate inside of a wall.