Summer 2020 Recap 🌞


I really think that you guys should start catching up with those updates. Like the road map. You aren’t even started on the October - December and that’s the part with most updates.

But hey we can’t wish for all thing can we? I mean we just got the new skinned mesh part :wink:


Wow! Cannot imagine how many awesome features came out this summer! Imagine next summer…


Wow, amazing how much new tech has been added to to the platform over the past few months. On the subject of RDC…

Are there any plans to release the rest of the RDC lectures beyond the keynotes?

I was really hoping to see some of them, but sadly I wasn’t invited. It’s been a few months, so I’d assume that the editing has been done. I’d be especially interested to see if my question made it into the Q&A panel.

EDIT: Looks like the RDC talks are on the wiki and unlisted on Youtube. Thanks @rogchamp and @mothmage!
I’ve been searching for these for months.

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Can’t believe you called me a noob…


All these updates are cool, my favorite is bubblechat rework. :speech_balloon:
One of my favorite’s new staff members is @BlossomYey since EsDevelopers finally got a new spanish staff. :es:


Do you feel old when it’s over a half year since they announced Skinned mesh parts? Link here

I wasn’t even there and I remembering looking at it in spring…


They used to be on the wiki but it looks like the sort is a bit messed up right now:


I made a YouTube playlist with all of them since I remember some missing on the DevHub at the time, unsure if this is still the case but I figure I’ll link it anyways:


Yea, we had some amazing updates!

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Just as a sidenote:
As much as I love the new updates that we’ve had this summer, I just gonna say this real quick, I’d LOVE to see some more UI features to be upgraded. There are tons of issues with UI, and we are still pretty limited with some of the features. Things such as:

  • ClipsDescendants failing with rotated objects (especially ScrollingFrames)
  • BorderSizePixel and BorderMode don’t work with UICorners
  • Selecting and dragging objects is very buggy and can be challenging to use
  • There is no text stroke size property in any text object
  • TextScaled property only scales up to the maximum text size
  • And much more

I’d love to see features like these being added to Roblox, there’s a few Twitter threads on them linked here:

Just felt like pointing them out, and I wasn’t sure where else to put these. Hope you guys bring in some other good things in the future as well!

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So awesome! It is funny how much the community has grown and welcome to all new team members on Roblox! Happy to be working with you even if you sometimes crush or dreams and remove our posts… we still love and appreciate what you brought to the Roblox community! :heart:


I want to be a noob. Can I be a noob?


No No No, We are all the noobs here.

Petition to add imagine masking in the nest update:

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  • No

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“2020 recap”

has crab rave in the gif

crab rave made in 2018


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Thank you for this sweet recap! This summer was full of new features!

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There were alot of new great features and not so great features this summer. Can’t wait to see what new features are announced this fall.


Roblox does grow fast and I’m proud. Don’t stop what you desire to change Roblox forever. <3

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A lot has happened during this summer! A bunch more new features/updates, RDC 2020, new staff members coming over onto Roblox’s team, and all these new features/updates and everything else this Summer had happened was over amazing.

Roblox did an awesome job with these features, updates, and all of the other things that were done this Summer. Well done Roblox! :clap:

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Wow, what an amazing year in recap. RDC is a dream of mine. I am totally gonna apply next year for it. Through Corona the population of Roblox has increased. I love this platform!