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Hello! I am Sunfyra, a professional digital artist with 3+ years of experience in Roblox clothing designing. I am now bringing my service to better the community in the form of commissions. All of my designs are hand-drawn and original. Sometimes, I look to other artists for reference, but my style is entirely my own. I create all of my art on procreate.

My Service

By commissioning me, you agree to my terms. I strive to provide my customers with the best original work, but it is hard for me to do that without client cooperation.

  • By messaging me, you are interested in commissioning me and you have the purchasing power to do so
  • You must provide a picture reference, or a VIVID description of what you want
  • After I finish the sketch, I will show it to you. You must pay at this point and make any changes necessary
  • After I finish the design and it is ready to be exported onto a template, you must tell me any final changes before I do so


Added 11/13


Added 10/23


Added 10/13


Added 9/30



I run my business on central time (CST), and please be respectful of my sleep schedule. I am available for mostly the entire day, whether it be weekends or on the weekdays. If you message me on a weekday afternoon when I am in a class, I will get back to you at the nearest possible time!


I am currently only doing USD and Robux payments.

  • All short term jobs start at $10 through paypal, the specific amount can be negotiated in DMs on my discord. I will take DevEx rate too in a conversion to R$, in that case it will start at 3.5k robux.

  • For long term jobs, you must pay an upfront payment of $15 per week, and any design you order within that week is just $5

  • For project commissions (commissioning me for clothing for an entire project); you must give me the details on what you want exactly, I will give you a quote on the price, we will negotiate this price, and you must pay 50% upfront before I start

Contact Me

I will only be able to communicate with you and meet your needs through Discord. You may join my commissions server in order to communicate with my community and place an order.
Server: V7QaXyQQtQ

Thank you so much for reading! I hope to speak with you soon.


Omg, I use procreate but I could never do this this good…drop a tutorial omg. :star_struck::star_struck:


In the future I could! Thank you for the feedback <3

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These. Are. Amazing. Please raise the prices. It hurts my eyes seeing them so low. :weary:

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Update, changed my prices and I will be adding this week’s work in tomorrow (hopefully)

I wasn’t paying attention, did you raise your prices?

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I consulted with a few of my friends, and they suggested for me to. I’m a pretty off-the-grid designer so I was not expecting any attention, hence my initial low prices.


Added my most recent designs as of 10/13/2020. My apologies for the delay