Sunset Paradise Officially Staff Handbook

Sunset Paradise Hotels and Resorts Staff Handbook


Welcome to the Sunset Paradise Hotels and Resorts Handbook. You may find all of the information about Sunset Paradise Hotels and Resorts here that will boost your experience at Sunset Paradise Hotels and Resorts. Please pay attention closely as we outline our community rules in this document.


Table of contents

Community Rules

~ Do not spam. We do not tolerate spam and you may be banned/kicked on the spot.

~ Do not advertise. Sunset Paradise Hotels and Resorts is not a group made to promote your assets. There are plenty of games that do that already.

~ Be kind. We do not tolerate rudeness towards staff or any other guests.

~ Please keep reactions to messages appropriate for everyone.

~ Swearing or cursing is prohibited. Bypassing the filter will result in a kick.

~ Exploiting is highly frowned upon and not tolerated at Sunset Paradise Hotels and Resorts. You will be blacklisted from the group as well as our service providers.

~ All game pass purchases are final. Please do not ask for refunds. If you do not receive your item please contact one of our Management Staff.

~ Please do not phish for guest information. Sunset Paradise Hotels and Resorts will never ask for personal information. You may be banned from Roblox for phishing.

Staff Rules

2.0 Staff Rules

The following rules have been created to ensure the best experience for each guest. Staff is required to follow these rules. Failure to do so will result in a strike, demotion, or blacklist.


1. No trolling as a staff member, or even guest. Trolling is unprofessional and will result in an immediate demotion.
2. Hacking or exploiting as a staff member is strictly prohibited. You will be fired on the spot.
3. All staff except for Trainees are required to use grammar. Failure to do so will result in a strike.
4. Asking for a promotion is not allowed. You will be given the opportunity to during HR or MR Applications.
5. You may play as a guest while a staff member but you must work some. All staff is allowed for breaks.
6. Treat every guest like they are a friend.
7. No free ranking if you an SHR+.

Strike System

1. You have been given your first strike. It is not a huge deal, but don’t take it lightly.
2. You have been given your second strike. This is a bigger deal considering next you will be demoted.
3. You have been given your third strike. You will be demoted by Management.
4. You have been given your fourth strike. You will be fired by Management.
The witnessing Management Staff may decide to skip a strike.

Staff Expectations

3.0 Staff Expectations

Staff is expected to perform at a certain level each day. They can be given a strike for failing to meet our expectations.


Staff is required to join the Hotel at least once a day.

Staff, if possible, must help in at least 2 sessions a week.

Staff, if possible, must host at least 2 sessions a week. (1 MUST BE TRAINING).

Staff is required to be trained by an approved Management Staff Member.

All staff that has submitted an inactivity request are exempt from these expectations. Please do not submit a request to get out of doing your job.


4.0 Alliance

Allies at Sunset Paradise Hotels. are not to be taken lightly. Not just any group can get an alliance with us. We’re seeking groups that week can benefit and they may also benefit us. The following are the requirements and applications for Sunset Paradise Hotel’s Alliances.


1,000+ Members

Can get 5+ players on during a shift.

Has a strong high-rank team.

Has the main place.

Has active staff members.

All groups are subject to but not limited to these requirements. We may decline or accept any group we wish.


What is the name of your group?

How many members does this group have?

How can this group benefit Sunset Paradise Hotels.?

What does Sunset Paradise Hotels do? have to do to benefit this group?

Provide a group link.

To apply for an alliance, please open a ticket on our Communications Server.

Admin/Mod command

5.0 Admin/Mod Command

We have so many admin commands but only a few commands you can use by MR/HR.

Useable command



:sm [Only at Training]

:kick [ When someone get max Warnings]


:ref [ Only can use when someone asked]

:ban [ When someone gets max kick]




:res [Only when someone stuck]

:pban [ONLY FOR SHR]

Non-able command

: fly

:Jump Power

: Btools

: Speed

And command with “ALL” is NOT Allowed to MR, HR, SHR.

Training Procedure

6.0 Training procedure

Training Sessions:









The training session should be hosted every day.

:white_check_mark: Checklist :white_check_mark:

Has a Co-Host and Host.
On the computer.
Announce the Session at discord and Group shout.
Has a ranker to rank passer.
Has a Training Team to Assist Training.

Role of Training

Overseer: Administrative Starter+
Host: Chief Executive+
Co-Host: General Manager+
Trainer: Supervisor+
Helper: Head Of Service+
Promoter: Administrative Starter+

All staff should come 15 Minute before the Training starts if you Early come to TC before the time of training start that’s will be punishment and Dismissed from Session.



Founder of Sunset Hotels.
Co-Founder of Sunset Hotels.

Last Updated: 1/16/2021