Sunsetting the My Feed Tab

As of this week, we will begin sunsetting the ‘My Feed’ page on web and mobile as part of efforts to keep Roblox simple and streamlined for users.

  • You will continue to be able to find updates from Groups you are a part of by visiting the Groups Page
  • Activity from Friends will be viewable by visiting their profiles
  • Friend requests and other notifications are visible from the notifications menu

We are continuing to invest in better ways to allow people to share and receive relevant updates from friends and groups on Roblox in the future and will share further updates when the time is right.


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Will we be allowed to have group shouts show up in the notifications menu in the future? Part of why group shouts were useful in the past was that they’d show up in every group member’s home page, making it an easy way to communicate announcements. While the feed hasn’t been on the home page in awhile, I think making group shouts into a notification could bring back some of that functionality, while still giving users control over whether they want to see it or not.


Glad to finally see the feed page finally being removed. However, I don’t understand why group shouts weren’t already moved over to the notification stream. It feels like Roblox quite frequently overlooks groups and as a result, Roblox developers are forced to use third-party websites to build and maintain their communities.


This removal is definitely welcome in my opinion!

I used to glance at it once in a while back when it used to be on the Home page years ago, but I’ve never really used it much and it has always felt like a waste of crucial space in the website’s navbar. I’m curious to know if anyone else has ever used it though…?


So I’m assuming this is what the sidebar will look like from now on.
A pretty welcome improvement!

However, this post doesn’t seem to specify a date that the feed will be removed; So is there a specific date it will be removed or just soon?


I’m pretty indifferent to this change. The My Feed tab fell out of use when it was split off from the home page how many years ago. Of course, its probably going to be more of a hassle for people that rely on group shouts from multiple different groups.


What “updates”? Statuses have been deprecated and don’t appear on profiles anymore.


I don’t think the feed system should be removed, rather moved back to the home page or integrated into the notifications menu.

Maybe it was just me, but I genuinely feel like the My Feed tab was neglected due to poor UX decisions.

The original implementation of the feed was such an integral part of my day-to-day routine. I could log in, and immediately see updates on how my friends are doing, what I needed to do for my groups, and the updates taking place on studios. After the removal of it and shift over to a separate tab, it became essentially pointless, as silly as it sounds, it was just too much of a hassle to navigate over to it and review it. I’d have a better time reviewing it over a third party platform.

I’m not sure whether my perspective will be considered in future updates to the site, however, if it is, I definitely think the decision to either move the feed back to the home page or integration into the actual Roblox Notification system on the top-bar will greatly benefit studios, communities, and make status-posting valued again.


Was inevitable (due to how Roblox hid it on a tiny page nobody ever visited, alas), but it’s still a shame there’s no way for group shouts to reach people. Current implementation is more like a whisper than a shout.


Will there be possibly a feature that is similar to this but might be more interesting? Earlier today I’ve watched the Roblox Hack Week 2019 at the time 0:42 seconds, will this feature possibly replace this as it might look interesting imo.

The feature that is in the video felt like it is almost like an Instagram or possibly like Twitter/Reddit/Guilded Feed, these types of socials could bring up more communication in Roblox if that were to be added, however, the interaction could be the same thing which basically similar ‘My Feed’ tab.


I’ll be honest. Feed was only deprecated because of harder accesibility. It’s the same reason Blog is not browsed by people.

Former homepage design had featured posts and recent feeds, which made it easier to stay up-to-date. I think this decision was purely done, because of unnecessary changes. I don’t think anyone will read my status anyways. There’s no way to display it on friend list.

No, I don’t want to be “old roblox good new roblox bad” type of person. It’s just the matter of choices that were done during the development.


Group shouts became useless when the only way to view them was moved from a very visible position on the home page, to being tucked away in a tab that not many people knew about.

Hope to see better ways for groups to share news and updates with their members.


Group shouts are the only way to engage your group members but barely did anything out of 600,000 group members like 1,000 people would actually interact with it 0.001% visit rate. Game updates that use actual notification page instead of feed get around a 5% visit rate for me, will at any point you guys move it to the notification page but add a cooldown to the group shouts?


No one really used it anyway. Sorry for the 5 people who actually cared about it.


This change is good however I feel that things should be moved to the notification section, especially group shouts.

I personally liked the feed back whe it was actually in the .ain page, but now I never use it.


Im going to miss the My Feed tab but what does it mean it will be viewable from profiles ?
does that mean statues have returned as currently there is no update system or shout system ?.


At this point just bring the Feed page back… You have so many people that actually had this as useful and you just took it away from everybody because of a few peoples opinions. You should make a vote from the Majority and THEN see if you are to completely remove it, not removing it just because a few hundred thousand people don’t use it. I’m pretty certain there was more than 1 million players at least using this feed page!


i didn’t really use the feed tab i find it very useless tbh but most of my friends use it.

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Wait, you mean to tell me that the tab that was completely broken and abandoned by all for literally years is being removed?

Jokes aside, it’s about time. Any status updates or group shouts didn’t show up until entire months after they were submitted (a good 4-6 month gap) and considering user statuses are now gone entirely this section has served less than zero purpose.

I do assume there will be a working replacement for the group shouts list however, considering a lot of people would want a feature like that