Super laggy script editor on Mac - fixed


Fair but this has been an issue for close to 7 months, with easy repo.
So yes, I am a bit impatient. Apologizes. It’s just been slowing me down.


This has been one of the more annoying studio issues I’ve had the past couple months. Sometimes I have to resort to switching to my Windows partition to edit longer scripts. Hope it’s resolved soon!


We are still looking into this issue, but it is taking some time. Please bear with us in the mean time!


Any updates??? I can’t even script efficiently at this point.


I’m struggling too. My laptop has been in for repair, and my iMac 5K has HORRIBLE delay to the point where I’m using an external editor. I appreciate you’re still working on it and thank you for that, and any updates would be super encouraging.


We’re still looking into this issue. We haven’t been able to identify any single item that causes this issue, so the process of fixing it is taking some time.


If it was your team who recently made the Mac pointer not deselect as often, and made it a lot easier to get it to reselect, THANKS!!!


Do you have any updates? Sorry to be impatient :confused:


I get the same thing. This is super annoying. Sometimes it can take up to 5 seconds to get one to two words onto the screen. This slows down the development process a ton. I’ve uninstalled studio and reinstalled, restarted my computer, and opened studio in different ways (on the site and the application button).

My Mac is about a year old (2016 model). I’ve had this bug for up to at least 5 months. It’s really annoying. Hope it gets fixed soon.

I’ve found a temporary solution though.

When I get like really annoyed by it or I’m making a longer script, most of the time I resize the studio window to about half the size and the lagging stops. But it’d be nice if the lag wasn’t there at all in the first place.


Thank you so much!!


oh dude u’re actually the best thank you so much


No problem. :slight_smile:


This is actually super useful, thank you. Makes it a bit more bearable


What is that status on this? This is a huge bug and seems to be ignored.


No problem. :slight_smile:

I agree.


This is not being ignored. We are actively looking into it.

Studio team is very aware of this issue. We will do our best to fix this bug.


Try this:

  1. Go to System Preferences->Displays->Color (for the Built-In Retina Display)
  2. Change Display Profile to Generic RGB Profile
  3. Restart you computer

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Is there a solution that doesn’t involve changing the color profile of my whole display? Props for figuring that out, I just like my system the way it is and would prefer to see a solution that works by default without having to change settings for my entire display.

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Unparent the script editor from studio.


This doesn’t fix the problem for me