Super Striker League - Plans for a New Equipment System

Hey everyone! :wave:

As part of the big update this summer, I’m planning on an overhaul of the equipment system. Right now it lacks depth, has a lot of weird/conflicting mechanics, and the reroll mechanic doesn’t give you much control over your equipment’s stats, so I’m bringing some significant changes to the table.

Since this is changing a key part of the game, I’m gonna go into a lot of detail so that everyone can fully understand what to expect in the coming months!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Existing items will NOT have their current stat points or abilities changed by this update! This will only affect the process of levelling up and upgrading/modifying items.

If you just want a quick summary of the planned changes, scroll to the bottom for a TL;DR. But make sure you read the ENTIRE post FULLY if you have specific questions about the changes!

Item Stat Points and Levels

Right now, the progression system for items is weird and lacks any depth. Item rarity currently has no impact on how strong an item can be (the maximum strength is determined by an item’s Upgrade Stars), and the only way to modify an item’s stats is to reroll them over and over again until you get the combination you want. I’m changing this system to give players much more control over their item builds.

To simplify things, the Upgrade Stars system will be replaced. Instead, the max number of base stat points will be directly linked to an item’s Level. For each level that an item gains, you’ll be able to manually allocate a point to whichever stat you want (Up to certain limits - continue reading below).

The item levelling system will be changed to use levels 1-100+. 1 Star items will become Levels 1-24, 2 Star items will be Levels 25-49, 3 Star items will be Levels 50-74, and 4 Star items will be Levels 75-100+.

All items will also gain XP at the same rate (as opposed to the current system, where Common items level up much faster than Legendary items).


  • A 2 Star, Level 1 item from the old system will become a Level 25 item in the new system.
  • A 2 Star, Level 5 item will become a Level 37 item.
  • A 2 Star, Level 10+ item will become a Level 50 item.
  • A 4 Star, Level 10+ item will become at least a Level 100 item (Or higher, depending on how much total XP the item has)

Each stat point manually added to an item will cost a small amount of Cash (with the price increasing at higher levels).

When you unlock a new item from a crate:

  • Commons will start at Level 1
  • Uncommons will start at Level 15
  • Rares will start at Level 25
  • Epics will start at Level 50
  • Legendaries will start at Level 75

Based on the item’s starting level, that same number of stat points will be randomly allocated between Power/Speed/Defense for free.

Stat Recalibrators

If you want total control over your item’s stats, you’ll be able to use a new Stat Recalibrator item to manually reassign all of an item’s current stat points however you see fit. This should all be a much better experience than having to reroll an item’s stats over and over again.

Overclocked Items

Items that are extremely strong in one stat are fairly rare. To preserve their value, if you want to manually add more than 60 points to a single stat an item, you will need to use an Overclocker (a new, tradable Legendary item which will be earned from a new type of Supply Crate, described later). Each Overclocker used on an item will raise its single-stat points cap by 10. Overclocking an item 4 times will allow you to allocate 100 points to a single stat.

(Existing items with 61+ points in 1 stat will be automatically Overclocked when the update launches.)

Equipment Perks

Right now, high-tier items come with randomly selected passive abilities, and the only way of changing them is by rerolling all of the item’s stats and hoping for a good combination.

Rather than randomly assigning passive abilities to each piece of equipment, I’ll be changing the system to use a new type of item called Trinkets. A Trinket is a standalone item which contains one specific passive ability, as well as the potential for slight Power/Speed/Defense stat boosts.

You can insert a Trinket into any item which has an empty Trinket slot, and the boosts will be applied to that item.

Keep in mind that Trinkets aren’t made to be frequently swapped in and out of items - you’ll need to use a Trinket Extraction Kit if you want to safely remove a Trinket without destroying it.

There will be Bronze, Silver, and Gold Trinkets, each offering stronger bonuses than the previous tier.

  • Bronze Trinkets have 25% the effect of a Gold Trinket
  • Silver Trinkets have 50% the effect of a Gold Trinket
  • Gold Trinkets have a 100% effect, the same as the current passive abilities

There will also be Purple Trinkets - these offer special passive abilities which don’t affect gameplay (such as Bonus XP and Bonus Cash) but they can have even higher secondary stat boosts.

You can combine 5 Bronze/Silver Trinkets to get 1 new Trinket of a higher tier.

Your existing items will retain the exact same abilities they have now. Their abilities will simply be converted into equivalent Gold Trinkets which will remain inside the item.

Supply Crates

Trinkets will be obtained from a new type of crate called a Supply Crate (as well as from the Basic Crates earned from levelling up), and Trinkets will be tradable with other players, so you can trade for the exact perks you want and apply them to whichever items you want. You can also sell Trinkets for a bit of Cash if you wish - Trinkets with higher stat boosts will have a higher sell value.

Supply Crate Rewards:

  • Common: Bronze Trinkets
  • Uncommon: Silver Trinkets
  • Rare: Gold Trinkets
  • Epic: Purple Trinkets
  • Legendary: Overclockers/Trinket Slot Unlockers

You can also purchase Rare Supply Crates to guarantee that you’ll always receive Rare supplies or above.

Trinket Slots

Many people have said that it shouldn’t be so easy to make a Common item as powerful as a Legendary item, so a few changes will be made. The number of starting Trinket slots available for each item rarity will be changed:

  • Common: 0 slots
  • Uncommon: 1 slot
  • Rare: 2 slots
  • Epic: 3 slots
  • Legendary: 4 slots

Existing items that are already upgraded beyond those limits will still keep the Trinket slots they currently have. For example, Common items that are already upgraded to have 3 abilities will still keep those 3 slots.

Existing items that are below those limits will all receive an additional Trinket slot for free. For example, all existing Legendary items will receive a 4th slot for free.

If you want to add more Trinket slots to a lower-tier item, you’ll need to use Trinket Slot Unlockers (Legendary) received from Supply Crates. Each one unlocks an additional Trinket slot, up to the max of 4. This is intended for people who really like the appearance of a lower-tier item but don’t want to sacrifice their stats to wear it.

XP Boosts

The old Double XP Boosts didn’t provide much of a benefit to the game, so they were taken off sale. Instead, I’ll be introducing Item Augmentors. If you want to speed up the process of upgrading an item, use an Item Augmentor on it to instantly increase its level by 1!

There will also be a free version of the Item Augmentor which can be unboxed from Basic Crates and can apply a small amount of XP to an item.

Pro Tickets

Reroll Tickets will be renamed to Pro Tickets, which will be the premium currency used to purchase Stat Recalibrators, Trinket Extraction Kits, and Item Augmentors, as well as cosmetic items in the future.

The 3 new items I mentioned will all be tradable, so you can still get them from another player without having to buy them with Pro Tickets!

Preferred Stat Rolls

Since the reroll mechanic is going away, people who bought the Preferred Stat Rolls gamepass will receive a special gift which includes some free Stat Recalibrators, Trinket Extraction Kits, Item Augmentors, and Pro Tickets as a thank you for supporting the game. The gamepass will go off sale in the near future.

New Inventory System

I’m gonna be giving the user interface a huge facelift, which includes a brand new inventory system that’ll make it much easier to manage your items! I’m gonna include popular suggestions like the ability to Favorite items, sort by different criteria, and more.

A small note for the very few people with more than 10 loadouts: To make room for the extra data storage needed, the maximum number of loadouts will be reduced to 10. I’ve added a Delete Loadout button so you can manually remove any excess loadouts before the update.

Golden Items?

This probably won’t make it into the first update, but in a future update I’d like to add the ability to create Golden versions of items by combining 10 of the same item + a very large Cash fee… This would probably be a purely cosmetic change, but anyone who manages to get Golden items will leave everyone else in awe :sunglasses:

UPDATED INFO (6/12/2020)

Due to popular demand, Double XP boosts will return in a new form! You’ll be able to unbox new Double XP Orbs (Epic) from Supply Crates - activate them whenever you want to receive 24 hours of Double XP!

UPDATED INFO (6/6/2020)

I made some slight changes to the plans for how stat points will work under the new equipment system:

The original plan was that you would only be able to assign a maximum of 100 total stat points to an item, the same limit that exists now. I will be removing this cap - so for each level an item gains, you’ll be able to assign 1 additional stat point to the item.
(Note that there will still be a limit to how many points you can assign to a single stat on an item.)

The reason I decided this is because it will be very difficult to actually level up items much higher than Level 100 under the new system, so there should be some added reward for progressing your items that far. The XP curve for items will look like:

Click to see XP curve
  • Level 25: 18,689 XP
  • Level 50: 72,817 XP
  • Level 75: 220,168 XP
  • Level 100: 634,004 XP
  • Level 125: 1,868,688 XP
  • Level 150: 5,838,825 XP
  • Level 175: 19,725,193 XP
  • Level 200: 72,965,774 XP
    • (nobody will ever get beyond this point, but just for fun…)
  • Level 225: 298,411,834 XP
  • Level 250: 1,361,148,291 XP
  • Level 275: 6,985,550,359 XP
  • Level 300: 40,711,714,957 XP

(For reference, some of the highest level legendaries in the game right now will become Level 150-175 with the amount of XP they have right now)

I’ve also decided that Item Augmentors will be able to work on Level 100+ items, but they will only provide a certain amount of flat XP to the item beyond that point, rather than leveling the item up instantly.

TL;DR version

  • The item stats & levelling system is being modified to cut down on the randomness:
    • Item levels will be converted to use a new scale of 1-100+, rather than 1-10+. (A 4-Star, level 10+ item in the old system will become a level 100+ item in the new system)
    • For each level an item gains, you’ll be able to manually allocate 1 additional stat point to the item for a small fee.
    • The new Stat Recalibrator item can be used to manually reassign all of an item’s stat points.
    • There’s a limit to how many points you can add to a single stat on an item. To raise the limit, you’ll need to use the new Overclocker (Legendary) on that item.
  • Passive abilities are being turned into items called Trinkets, which can be applied to a specific piece of equipment.
    • Trinkets will be tradeable and sellable.
    • New trinkets have a chance of containing slight Power/Speed/Defense boosts as well.
    • You can use a Trinket Extraction Kit to safely remove a Trinket from an item.
    • Uncommon/Rare/Epic/Legendary items will now have 1/2/3/4 available Trinket slots, respectively. Existing items that are over those limits will still keep all their current slots.
    • To add more Trinket slots (up to 4) to a lower-tier item, you’ll need to use the new Trinket Slot Unlocker (Legendary)
  • This update will not change existing items’ stats or abilities in any way, they will just be converted to the new format.
  • There’ll be a new type of crate (Supply Crate) which contains Trinkets, Overclockers, and Trinket Slot Unlockers
  • New item: Double XP Orb (Epic) will be unboxed from Supply Crates, and will provide 24 hours of Double XP upon activation
  • New item: Item Augmentors will allow you to instantly increase an item’s level and speed up the process of upgrading its stats.
  • Reroll Tickets are being renamed to Pro Tickets, which will be used to purchase the 3 new premium items (Stat Recalibrators, Trinket Extraction Kits, and Item Augmentors). Those 3 items will also be tradeable.
  • Since the reroll mechanic is going away, owners of the Preferred Stat Rolls gamepass will receive a gift with some free premium items and Pro Tickets as thanks for their support. The gamepass will go off-sale soon.
  • New inventory system coming soon!

Share your thoughts about these planned changes in the #new-item-system channel on our community server! The goal is to add more depth and control to the game’s progression, add new possibilities for players, and make the game even more sustainable and more appealing for a long time to come.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:
~ Cindering