SuperSampling feature

I have a fancy GPU and a fancy CPU and I wanna make use of the power I have. If we could have some sort of feature that super-samples I could read distant SurfaceGUI text like this and see less jagged edges (even when AA is on).

For those that don’t know: supersampling is rendering more pixels than your screen has then downscaling it. For instance if you run 1080p you could tell the GPU to render at 2x the resolution (4k) and then downscale back to 1080p to make for sharper details.



You can do this if you have an NVIDIA card. Just go to Control Panel and enable some DSR factors, then set your new screen resolution.

Roblox just crashes at this resolution though.

I’m on Team Red. Native support for this without forcing insane native resolution would be really cool.


Bah! AMD drivers can probably do it too.

There’s some work to be done if we want to support this sanely. UI scaling independent of everything else, specifically.

Yup, I found the AMD setting a year or two ago but it made studio and many other programs unusable unless I used Window’s hacky text scaling.

Native support in-app would be a fun feature. Maybe it’d unlock once you set your graphics settings to 10 as a little slider on graphics settings in escape menu.

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