Support for more Avatar body types [Automatic Skinning Transfer]

Hi Developers!

Today, we are releasing an exciting update to the Layered-Clothing Automatic Skinning Transfer feature.

As noted in the previous devforum post, Automatic Skinning Transfer did not work for avatar bodies that are not skinned. This limited its applicability for layered-clothing accessories as only a limited variety of avatar bodies have skinning information.

With this new update, Automatic Skinning Transfer can now support avatars even if they are not skinned! This means that Automatic Skinning Transfer can be effectively used for layered-clothing and other accessories, and should work well when applied to most avatar bodies.

These Avatars have rigid R15 type bodies that are NOT skinned, but as you can see, the auto-skinned clothing items follow the Avatar’s motion accurately.

One of the main benefits of Automatic Skinning Transfer is that content creators no longer need to apply skinning to the accessories that they create. With this feature enabled, the accessories will only need the actual geometry and its associated Outer Cage. No pre-skinning of the geometry is required. This feature should make it easier for content creators to build and publish layered-clothing accessories.

Under the hood, skinning information is still applied (transferred) to the accessory when Automatic Skinning Transfer is enabled. Still, we automatically derive the skinning information from the ‘rigid’ body parts if skinning information isn’t available. The accessory gets skinned at run-time based on the geometry of the avatar it’s attached to and will move accurately with the avatar as it animates.

As before, to enable Automatic Skinning Transfer for an accessory, you can set the AutoSkin parameter of the associated WrapLayer Instance to EnableOverride or EnablePreserve. More information about this feature can be found in the original post.

We hope you enjoy using this new capability of Auto Skinning Transfer and welcome your questions and feedback below.

Happy accessorizing!


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This is pretty cool to see! I can’t wait to see more updates that can benefit Layered Clothing. :smile:


Music to my ears

Err, does this mean i can wear layered clothing and it looks nice now? On not skinned avatars


Great update!

I have a question however: Will R6 ever be supported for layered clothing? I don’t see why it couldn’t support it. Just curious if R6 will ever support layered clothing.


R6 is built on older technology, so it’s harder to integrate with modern technology. I could see Roblox “disabling” R6 while simply porting R6 to R15, but it’s probably not happening. Also, R6 animations are unrealistic, being rigid and typically involving massively dislocated body parts that would be a nightmare to smoothly integrate.


Looking awesome, really good update.

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No. R6 is not technologically compatible with layered clothing, or mesh deformation. This is one of the reasons R6 is being sunsetted.


Shirts and pants look better on block avatars now, but shoes still look like they were melted into a puddle around my feet… will this get changed? Other than that, this is definitely a step in the right direction!



shoes r the strangest roblox clothing. shoes are usually pretty solid, so having deforming shoes doesnt make very much sense… idk if theyll ever look right tbh


You’re trying to get shoes to look properly on a character that has literal squares for feet.


Bit finnicky with my avatar. Might get more examples of this and file a bug report.


Absolutely beautiful.


Any idea why literally all of my audio/decals are missing from my tool box after the new UI update? Also all of my newer models are now for some reason at the bottom of my tool box.

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It’s a bug that randomizes the order of the toolbox, but your models and images aren’t gone.

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So they´re improving R15 avatars? or they want skinned tall robloxians?

Its unrealistic animations are recreated with the old-school animation pack for R15,if you are aware.

Also R15 is also composed of 15 rigid parts.

A character that has FLAT squares for feet, to boot (pun not intended).

If he used the legs with circle feet (2.0/4.0 bundle) This shouldnt happen.

A change I’d like to see for Robloxian 2.0 would be the top of the shoes being higher. Currently, Robloxian 2.0 shoes give off a very squished and crushed look which almost never goes over the whole foot, despite the foot clearly being shaped in a way that would fit for a shoe.