Support rbxtemp:// in SpecialMesh

I am trying to make a plugin to speed up workflow when it comes to developing assets (meshes, images, audio) so instead of needing to constantly reupload new assets during development, the developer can see the asset locally then just publish the final version

To preview these meshes, I have to put a SpecialMesh inside a Part because MeshParts can’t have their MeshID set from a plugin (wth @ roblox engineers), but SpecialMeshes don’t support rbxtemp://so it just doesn’t work


You’d run into this with MeshParts too. The problem is that Roblox doesn’t use fbx files directly. It converts uploads to its proprietary .mesh format when you import the fbx files normally. The reason you’re getting that error on SpecialMeshes, and would with MeshParts too, is because the MeshId property expects a .mesh file. If you use rbxtemp from opening torso.mesh in the content folder, for instance, then it would work.

What you really need is some way to convert a rbxtemp from fbx to .mesh