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Hello! I would like to make a support system game. I want it to let anyone put in a support ticket. I need it to take their username, user ID, the subject of the ticket, and the contents of the ticket. I want it to save to a data store, then staff can view a menu with all tickets saved into the data store. I know how to make a staff only menu, but have no Idea how to save the tickets, and review them. Any suggestions will be appreciated thanks!

My go-to for systems like this is the TrelloAPI.


That’s a bunch of things and you broke it down pretty well. If you’re fairly new to scripting on Roblox, feel free to look around for wiki and YouTube tutorials.

However, if you’re specifically looking to understand how to store data on Roblox, Datastore is your buddy.

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I don’t really want to use anything third party but I might end up.I’m a horrible scripter. Without youtube, i would be dead.

You really don’t need third party to access Roblox’s built-in datastore system, it’s handy and it’s pretty much all you need to bring your desired system into life.

Try to understand how data store works, simple functions like storing and retrieving data, that’s what you really need to use this thing.

I think it is against Terms of Service to request information like that from a Player.

You should use Datastores to store information for each player, saving the string (message) for the player.

Edit : By “information of that sort” I did not mean requesting the UserId itself is against ToS, I meant information relating to that, such as Passwords too.

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I need it to tell the staff the user name/ ID as it will be for ban appeals for our group’s game - and some other stuff. (The support system is for a group.)

For a data store, should I use a normal data store or an ordered date a store?

A username, and User_ID on roblox is public information

So, I don’t think it’s against roblox’s rules to use / view that information in any way shape or form.

Edit: @skppiy4000 Has a good answer on this as well:


Regular datastore would suit your project.

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It is not against TOS to request a players UserId or Name, that is how most datastores function, now requesting private information like names/locations/etc would break TOS and possibly get you into some legal issues, or the very least have your game moderated.

Heck there’s even a valid method in game to retrieve the UserId Player | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

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No I am aware requesting the UserId is perfectly legal and very often used correctly as a key.

By what was implied by the OP in his post, it seemed very much like a support system that would require further information than the User Id,

Of course it’s not against the ToS.

Sorry for any confusion

By this I meant information of that sort, such as their password, not the UserId specifically.

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Just to clear everything up, It only needs User ID/ Username and text box’s input.

Judging by OP’s post I believe he just worded it a bit wrong, but I will admit without second looking it could look that way. Sorry I thought you were referring to just “I need it to take their user name, user ID” as the way you worded it looked to be the case as well. Imagine though if we couldn’t get this info, rip datastores/ban systems.


You meant their like private info, like their address, and location, and stuff?

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Hm, I could also recommend a Discord Webhook. There’s lots of containers and resources for it such as time stamps, footers, avatars, names, multiple Roblox TextBox.Text, etc.

You should not use DataStores for storing tickets, as vanilla datastores cannot return every single key in the datastore and OrderedDataStores can only use positive integers

Here’s a few alternatives

Discord Webhooks

Read more here
Discord Webhooks are one of the best ways of sending support tickets. However, to prevent scammers using discord to store passwords from scam games, you'll need to use a proxy.


Using Trello is another way of storing data. Trello allows you to store lots of tickets in a user-friendly environment
Trello has issues with data storage and it can sometimes lose data.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Is there anyway to also get the time it was sent with data stores?

What is a positive integer or an integer at all?"!*t") returns a dictionary with the current time, date and if the server is using DST additions (GMT+1 etc.)

A Positive Integer is any whole number over 0