Surface Appearance Textures Backend Upgrade

Roblox looks so realistic when you remove the water texture from the roblox player client folder, look at this beauty!

And this next shot, is with future lighting! This is amazing.

Wow roblox, amazing to what we came to in the past 14-15 years

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Learn More > Surface Appearance Textures Backend Upgrade - Updates / Announcements - DevForum | Roblox


Once all these bugs and tests are done, PBR is going to be so good for games, good job!


We make heavy use of SurfaceAppearance in our game Tank Warfare!


You could try a more urban enviroment?

the map isnt done and PLEASE allow 2k-8k textures and 100k tri meshes


Can this be turned into a setting or make it so if you have graphics set to 10 it will download PBR textures straight away? If I am promoting PBR materials in my game, I want players to be able to see them when they join.

What about for showcases? Players will want to see PBR the first time they join. Making it so they won’t see them until they play the game an arbitrary amount of times is no good


Unfortunately, PBR textures are still broken for me, as they have been since day 1. I have filed bug reports, commented on posts, and talked with staff, yet nobody has looked into this. I’ve tried every tutorial and am confident this is an issue with my machine, similar to how atmosphere does not work on my machine:

Here is the bug report:

I would greatly appreciate someone looking into this; I really would like to try PBR out!

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I joined your game and i love it but aren’t the bushes from fortnite :sweat_smile:


It’s here. I can see no PBR textures in this game of mine, even after rejoining and/or waiting several minutes.

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I had a thought. SurfaceAppearance works in places made before a few days ago, soI might try to export the above game into one of my 80 wasted places and see if it works.

Edit: Unfortunately, it doesn’t.
Edit2: I will try to find a workaround, it works in this game so why not any others:

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Thanks for reporting this issue. I have reverted some changes that might cause this, can you please confirm whether its working? Thanks.

Note that this is not related to “Surface Appearance Textures Backend Upgrade”.

cc @Thuliiii

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It’s working now, Thanks.

While we’re on the topic, is there still no fix for this?(this is on Edit Quality 8)

Here’s edit quality 21:

And up close:


I’m not sure exactly how the Transparency AlphaMode works, but I was reading up on a post here that perhaps can help you guys bring about a fix for this awful alpha blending once and for all. You guys are almost there, but you really shouldn’t write SurfaceAppearance off as completed if this issue isn’t at least fixed. Maybe also add support for bumpmaps? Just a thought.


I’m getting reports from users that my trees are no longer showing. They use SurfaceAppearance with AlphaMode set to Transparency.

I’m seeing some weird black pixilation showing up on Computer.

Is this related?

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when will surface appearance be suported in the view port frame?
cause i’ve made an skinned mesh fps arms to work with the view port frame but i cant use surface appearance in view port frame to use normal map and height map into the gloves and gun.

Thanks for the feedback, regarding the black outline, you may want to dilate the rgb channel. Regarding SurfaceAppearance Transparency Alpha Mode, refer to Surface Appearance transparency fuzzing textures - #5.

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This has been resolved some time ago.

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@Dyzcroll It’d be great if you can make a new post with repro case.

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you want me to make a post abbout the view port frame surface appearance problem?

Is there any chance that 2k resolution textures or more will be allowed? PBR is nice and all but it still looks terrible because of the 1024p limit on textures, especially on larger objects.


Yeah, it’d be great if you can do that, or you can DM me the repro if you want, whichever is easier.

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