Surface Orientation Indicator


Looks like I’m at an older version - I thought studio would force an update in this case? How can I force an update without uninstalling studio entirely?

I can’t find the “Hide Orientation” action in the quick access bar customizer thingy, now it’s practically impossible to develop since it kills my GPU. Is there any other way of turning it off?

Do you have multiple studios open? That’s usually why I never get forced updates.

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You should most likely push out a force update due to the issue that most of the people have the feature but don’t have the disabling options for it. Personally this is the only solution I can think of currently.



Having an issue on hiding them even tho my studio is up to date

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Having this feature work by enabling it per-Instance seems really strange to me, as I rarely ever need a permanent orientation indicator onscreen outside of things I’m currently selecting/working with. I’m not going to use this in favor of the Studio Tweaks plug-in’s feature, which automatically shows an orientation indicator by just selecting things:


Yes, it seems like some people who haven’t updated yet are seeing those Studio-breaking bugs with the indicator. I apologize for that! For now, please try closing all instances of Studio and restarting it, and Studio should auto-download the latest version. We’ll still look into doing a force update or possibly reverting this for a moment as people get updated. Thanks for understanding everyone!


Yeah i have and the same issue very strange.

Could you restart Studio? This should be fixed with the latest version.


Alright, just a suggestion. Maybe make surface decals on it so it doesn’t like to interfere with every pointer. It would just be more helpful for me personally.

Could you try restarting Studio? This should be fixed in the latest version.


If you’re running an older version of studio and don’t want to reinstall you could :
1 - Open the shortcut displayed on your desktop background
2 - Open the studio installer from your downloads

I had to do the second option to just now which fixed the issue for me!


Press F to pay respects.

Also, it doesn’t make sense to have this be a toggle per part. I would argue there is no use case for leaving this visible while you do other things. Just enable it for the selection according to a global bool.


Re-opening studio normally is not causing an update. However, opening it from the website (game page → Edit), forced an update, and the issues is solved for me after doing that.

I agree. I only need to know this information for one part at a time; the selected part.

FYI–we are temporarily reverting this since it looks like not everyone is getting the latest Studio.


I have been using a plugin for quite a while that implements this feature into Roblox Studio. A bit more customization to suit people’s tastes would be nice for this feature, as one of my favorite parts of the plugin is that any selected object has face indicators automatically on.

Noted, and thanks for the feedback. Just so you know, when we were doing our UX research around this, we found that selection was less useful to most devs than specifically toggling this for a part, which is why we went this direction. But a great thing about Studio is that we do allow plugins to provide sophisticated interaction, and this is a nice example where a plugin addresses your particular need better than our native tools.


I feel like your user sample was biased, or something went wrong. What are the use cases for toggling per part? I have a hard time imagining this being faster or more useful and I am curious if there’s some magic trick I’m missing.


I have a suggestion, instead of toggling the feature on/off at a part-to-part basis what about only showing the orientation based on the parts selected? This would make workflow much faster compared to manual toggling every part. Users should still be able to enable/disable similar to how showing constraints works, though the orientation only shows when you have parts selected.

From my own opinion this would be much better than toggle per-part