Surface Orientation Indicator

April 16, 2021 update: This is live again!

A while ago, when we deprecated hinge surface types, you made it clear to us that having a quick way to determine the front of an object was critical to many of your workflows. Today, we’re releasing a solution: Surface Orientation Indicator. This optional adornment will show both the front face and the up direction on a part.


To enable it, select a part, Control/right-click, and choose Show Orientation Indicator. This command also supports hotkey bindings.

Note that this option is disabled for Models, and if you want to select all the parts within a Model, hold down Option (or Alt) while box-selecting the Model.

There’s one more thing–did you know there’s a customizable Quick Access Toolbar in the Ribbon bar that provides a fast way to access commonly-used commands?

This item can be customized by selecting Customize Quick Access Bar, and you can add Show/Hide Orientation Indicator to it for easy toggling.

Happy building!


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This is a nice little addition. One thing I’d like to mention is, IDK if it’s intentional, but after playtesting, the indicator disappears for all parts. I would find it more useful to have it save because if you are trying to trial-and-error via playtesting, all those times you’d have to reenable the indicator which is a pain.

Other than that, I like the UI and that it is thin enough so that it doesn’t get in the way of your part when you zoom in real close (cough cough selection box).


This will be really, really useful for things like seats. Whereas before I had to play the game to see the surface orientation, now I can simply do it in-Studio, saving me a lot of time. Great change! However, there’s a bug when you have multiple surface orientations open:

I have the Surface Orientation enabled for two parts. What occurs is:

  1. I disabled the feature for the left part
  2. I go to disable the feature for the part on the right
  3. The drop-down says: “Show Object Orientation Indicator” despite it already being shown- it should say “Hide Orientation Indicator.”

It successfully hides the orientation indicator/the other way around, and the button is greyed-out, however, the text is wrong.

That’s it. Thank you!


This update will come with great utility as you mentioned, there was some difficulty finding the front of the part which was quite frustrating working with Motor6D’s and different constraints trying to figure out where things have to go. Now that we have indicators we now have a nicer way of figuring this out.

It was quite frustrating not having a viable replacement to the hinge surfaces and having to just try and get the front of the part through trial and error, or having to resort going to another pre-existing world to be able to get the part that wasn’t the new part with the deprecated system. Now that we don’t need to make these work arounds it will help tremendously.

I also like the look and feel of the new indicator with the blue indication, it looks nice and clean and modern. It does a good job accenting the new baseplates. :wink:

Roblox studio has progressed leaps and bounds throughout 2021 i’m excited considering we are only in March where roblox will be.


Yooooooooo! Once again, an amazing update. I really am so happy to be able to ditch, once again another plugin. I’m really looking forward to the future of Roblox updates! :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if it only displays the front and top? I’m still going to use my current plugin if that’s the case.

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This is great! Glad there’s a new method for quickly detecting front surfaces.

However, I don’t feel that it should behave like SurfaceGui does, and for two reasons:

It can get very cluttersome when multiple objects have the OI on and you’re far away:

And they also become super small when using particular resolutions (ex. 1920 x 1080 Xbox Res):

(Although this one isn’t really much of a concern because you can still clearly see the front surface.)

Other than that, great job on this feature, really useful!



So glad I can put plugins onto the Quick Access bar again! :smiley:


This is a great feature to be added. But… it looks like it’s enabled for ALL parts by default. This is bad for the following reason:

This is what I see when I open studio now (and it’s almost entirely frozen, I can do nothing)


Love the update, although my few suggestions

  • When we do right click a model can we still get the option to disable all indicators in the model as with larger models it can get a big hefty on performance.
  • Will there be an Service along with this, Similar to the SelectionService so we can use this in plugins as well.

Other than that enjoy the update already!


Hello, this feature is quite useful however, I seem to be having issues on finding out how to turn this off. I’ve read the post multiple times but I don’t really understand where I’d go to find the settings for this update.


The only problem I see with this is the clutter. Besides that I am happy to not be using the wrong face for my cameras anymore (oof).

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We’ll look into that, thanks. (more characters to reach post min limit)


Cannot repro, when I opened a place it was not enabled for all parts by default. Perhaps it is only happening to certain users or in specific circumstances?

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You know how you have to rotate and then test a seat whenever you want to make sure it is in the right direction? Will now you don’t have to do that anymore because of this very useful feature!


I hated having to use surface instances such as Decal or SurfaceGui just to find the face for something such as a camera. This is definitely a sweet lil’ addition to Studio.


Thank you, we’ll look into this.


This slipped under my radar, wonder if this was kept out of the sitetest builds, but looks amazing either way. Guessing I dont need to force the surface properties visible now lol.


It would also be nice if it was in the ribbon bar, so much that I decided to do it myself lol

It’s not perfect but hey it’s something


YES THANK YOU! You do not know how annoying it is to find the front or back or top of a part… it was so slow before!


I know this became irrelevant about 20 minutes ago, but you could’ve put an empty front facing Decal on the seat in Studio.