SurfaceAppearance doesn't let me edit?

SurfaceAppearance is in the Insert Object thing, but can’t use it. Is it cause i’m in beta program, or something?


Just answered in the FiB Phase 3 thread, quoting it here for anyone who searches for this one. TL;DR it’s not ready yet, but pretty close enough to becoming live.

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So, you’re saying it may be coming a day before july or in early july?

Release Notes for 438 announced three hours ago includes the Studio beta for SurfaceAppearances, as well as the un-deprecation of its properties. The changes aren’t live yet, but we’re looking at a very positive soon™.

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What do you mean positive soon?

The SurfaceAppearance beta will be live soon as evidenced, but I can’t say with any certainty.

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Same thing happened to me, I insert it and my studio just closes, maybe my graphics card isn’t high enough, idk.

Alright. I’d estimate it to be at the end of june or so.