Release Notes for 438

Notes for Release 438


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Property Instance Selection.ActiveInstance {RobloxScriptSecurity} [ReadOnly] [NotReplicated]
Added Property Color3 Studio.Active Color
Added Property Color3 Studio.Active Hover Over Color
Added Property bool StudioService.ShowActiveInstanceHighlight {RobloxScriptSecurity} [<📁> LoadOnly] [NotReplicated]
Added Property bool TextBox.RichText
Added Property bool TextButton.RichText
Added Property bool TextLabel.RichText

Added Function Map MemStorageService:GetTable() {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function void VirtualInputManager:sendThemeChangeEvent(string themeName) {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Added EnumItem StudioStyleGuideColor.InfoBarWarningBackground : 91
Added EnumItem StudioStyleGuideColor.InfoBarWarningText : 92

Added Tag [Deprecated] to Class AnalyticsService
	Added Tag [Deprecated] to Property AnalyticsService.ApiKey
	Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function AnalyticsService:FireEvent

Added Tag [Hidden] to Property SurfaceAppearance.TexturePack

Changed the security of Property SurfaceAppearance.AlphaMode 
	from: {RobloxSecurity}
	  to: {LocalUserSecurity}

Changed the security of Property SurfaceAppearance.TexturePack 
	from: {LocalUserSecurity}
	  to: {RobloxSecurity}

Removed Property NetworkClient.Ticket
Removed Property NetworkServer.Port
Removed Property NetworkSettings.DataMtuAdjust
Removed Property NetworkSettings.DataSendPriority
Removed Property NetworkSettings.PrintInstances
Removed Property NetworkSettings.PrintSplitMessage
Removed Property NetworkSettings.DataSendRate
Removed Property NetworkSettings.PreferredClientPort
Removed Property NetworkSettings.ReceiveRate
Removed Property NetworkSettings.TouchSendRate
Removed Property NetworkSettings.PhysicsMtuAdjust
Removed Property NetworkSettings.PhysicsSendPriority

Removed Function NetworkReplicator:CloseConnection
Removed Function NetworkReplicator:GetRakStatsString
Removed Function VideoFrame:GetInfo

Removed Tag [Deprecated] from Class SurfaceAppearance
	Removed Tag [Deprecated] from Property SurfaceAppearance.AlphaMode
	Removed Tag [Deprecated] from Property SurfaceAppearance.ColorMap
	Removed Tag [Deprecated] from Property SurfaceAppearance.MetalnessMap
	Removed Tag [Deprecated] from Property SurfaceAppearance.NormalMap
	Removed Tag [Deprecated] from Property SurfaceAppearance.RoughnessMap
	Removed Tag [Deprecated] from Property SurfaceAppearance.TexturePack

(Click here for a syntax highlighted version!)


I was hoping to see RichText but alas saw nothing.

What does this mean?


Studio Beta for SurfaceAppearance advanced textures

Awesome! This is going to be great when fully rolled out. Will there be an Announcement post soon?


They’re finally out, wonder why it got pushed yesterday and took a while for the changelogs to be release.

Rich Text

Time to make my text very rich, didn’t appear in the changelogs but we know it’s there. Man I love messing with FFlags. (please dont you’ll break something)

This done to standardise the __tostring metamethod? Either way sounds cool

The Shift+Enter bug with the script editor still hasn’t been fixed, have Roblox even addressed it as a bug in their script editor? smh
Anyway, a good update with some pretty hot features


OML, this is exciting (and sad for the ol’ draggers):

OML (again), this is finally happening:

Wow, them texts be gettin’ some salary, eh?


I’m surprised this hasn’t been out yet:

But I guess it must be quite a challenge or lower down in the priorities… ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Excited for these Release Notes, let’s check what is interesting and new. :open_mouth:

Annotation 2020-06-25 121145
Good thing that this is coming into mind since I am annoyed when it keeps playing when I insert it into Workspace or Lighting. :eyes:

Annotation 2020-06-25 121225
Massive thumbs up here! Kind of excited to see this live right now, I wanna know what it does and use it for something nice.

Just what I wanted to come in these release notes, RichText…

My favorite thing to test out and especially what to use it for, like highlighting names in bold for story games or something? Either way, a good thing to take note of and to experiment with.


The second argument of xpcall has to be a function now, and the __tostring metamethod has to return a string now. This probably won’t affect you but it helps with bugfixing.

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I appreciate this change a lot, Thank you to whom may be responsible! :grin:


btw you can enbale rich text FFlag using Roblox Studio Mod Manager and use html tags in text like:

pretty cool :smile:


FWIW this is XML, not HTML.

p.s. the mod manager isn’t the only way to change flags :eyes:


Afaik <b> is a html tag for bold

Xml and html are basically the same syntax-wise anyways…


Not exact. b is also a very obvious shortening for bold. I remember seeing in technical docs that RichText labels will use XML, since XML is used elsewhere internally in Roblox.


Finally. After years of wishing, and suffering from lack of text customization. Its here, its FINALLY HERE!

Thank you so much for this feature! Any news on when it will come out?


Both of you are sorta kinda right because HTML is just XML so the syntax is exactly the same, it’s just a very very powerful interpretation of those XML tags. Lots of older forum tools would use <b>, <i>, and other tags just like HTML but they’d generally parse it into XML first and process it that way, then spit out HTMLified content. I’m not aware which came first but I’d assume <b> and other tags were implemented into HTML first.

The thing about HTML is it’s more of a specification and a title for how to interpret the XML its written in. In fact, you can really store anything in an HTML file. You can load XML files as HTML files. It’ll just be interpreted like HTML and where a lot of tags and attributes will not be interpreted as anything and will get some default behaviour, others might.

So tl;dr HTML is a specification for how to interpret an XML file, and different interpretations of XML can overlap with others a lot.


If anyone is interested. Here is an example string:

<b>bold text</b> <i>italic text</i> <u>underline text</u> <s>strikethrough text</s> <font color= "rgb(240,140, 100)">red text</font> <font size="32">bigger text</font>

While we are still tweaking some specs of text so what you see there might not be the final look. Syntax-wise this is all tags we support now. For color you can also use hex numbers like <font size="24" color="#FF0000"> </font>


Will the <font> tag support changing fonts?

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It will be in the near future, but not the initial release.


Will GetTextSize support rich text at some point? When fonts such as SourceSans are made bold, the text also becomes wider, and there’s no easy way to have just one TextLabel object with both normal+bold content that has a wrapper Frame sized to the text unless GetTextSize works.

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Textbounds of richtext objects will get updated to their final size.
We will create GetTextSize support later on. It might be a different api though e.g. GetRichTextSize.