SurfaceGui Scaling Plugin

Too often do I see terribly scaled surfaceguis, whether people can’t be bothered, or just don’t know how, their SurfaceGuis are often terribly scaled. A game with good SurfaceGuis is a cleaner game, and I therefore took 5 minutes from my day to create… SURFACEGUI RE-SCALER!!

Simply select the parts containing surfaceguis, click the button and watch as the text in your guis is scaled to look perfect. It uses deep learning algorithms and terabytes of processing power to calculate the optimum size for your gui… not really, it just multiplies some components of the brick’s vector3 values by 50 and sticks them in the CanvasSize property; but it works just as well, promise!

Download here today:

This plugin is insured by ChangeHistoryService™, if it messes up your SurfaceGui, Ctrl+Z is your friend!


Terrible gives you virus

in all seriousness, some people need this, so it cool


Really neat to see this. hopefully more games start using this. its a serious problem for users who don’t know how to do this


A very useful tool that I think the community could use, considering most of the SurfaceGuis in games are not scaled correctly.

And ChangeHistoryService™ is something more plugin developers should implement, so props for that.


I’ll install this soon,
seems like I can use this sort of plugin


Saves me about 7 seconds ty :slightly_smiling_face: