Surfaceguis not clipping on circular faces

Right now, its really hard to make SurfaceGui screens in tubes/cylinders, that are, itself circular and fits in.

I experienced this problem while making a fancy acog sight.


(left is surfacegui, right is decal)

since my ACOG scope uses fancy code and all that, I have annoying black corners sticking out of the actual scope


This would benefit my game quite some amount because it will give me more options on how to do other scope-like things like this. It would also make things like surfacegui based menus have more freedom

this isn’t the most important thing, but it would be really useful to me if this could be made possible.


I imagine this wouldn’t be ezpz for the engineers to do; why can’t you make that black frame a circle ImageLabel instead?


No. Heres a gif of how my acog works, and you will understand

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Could you please follow the mandatory format for feature requests? Make sure to describe as many use cases as you can think of, this will make your feature more likely to be considered.

Aside from that, if you’d like this behaviour also to happen in game and not just in Studio, I’d move it to the Client Features category rather than Studio Features. You can move the category yourself by hitting the edit icon (pencil) on the thread / first post.

That’s a pretty neat effect.

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