Swimming in Terrain Water in Live Games has unwanted effects on the player character

Swimming in Terrain water as any r15 character of any size makes the character swim on its back or on its side, and it does not turn so it’s stomach faces downwards as expected.

Expected Behavior:
Swimming in Terrain water should have the character swimming on their stomach facing in the direction the character is swimming.

This has been occurring 100% of the time in Live Games ever since I discovered it at 4:00pm (Pacific Time) on April 21st. It can be observed in both Roblox Studio and on Live Games when HumanoidStateType.Swimming has NOT been disabled.

How to Reproduce:
Create a Baseplate with any r15 avatar with any body proportion and add Terrain water and swim in it.

Video Example of bug visible in Baseplate: robloxapp-20210504-0957015.wmv (3.4 MB)

Video Example of bug visible in a Live Game:
(My game “Feather Family”)
robloxapp-20210504-1024477.wmv (3.0 MB)

(I do not own or work on this game.)
robloxapp-20210504-1020099.wmv (3.4 MB)

Reproduction File: TerrainWaterBugReportExample.rbxl (27.6 KB)


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.