Switch Users in Studio

As a developer, it’s way too hard to switch accounts in studio. If you login to studio with a different account and then, press “edit” on a place on site with a different account, the account studio was originally logged into is overridden by the account you’re logged into on the site.

While this does make sense, I wish there was a way to switch accounts kinda how Google does it with emails via studio so that I can seamlessly switch between multiple accounts easily.

As you can imagine, if you have 2FA on, it gets quite annoying having to login via multiple accounts at any given point. Same could be said if you have account strictly for publishing a game or a group owner alt account and then, you develop on your personal account.



This feature is more than necessary for me right now, here are my use cases:

  1. When doing contracted work under NDA and the work must be hidden as possible from the community we often need to create alt accounts so we can join groups, games, and create assets privately.
  2. Having accounts to act as the development studio’s main account, so we can create/join/edit groups and their games’ permissions.

Having to log out of one account then back into another is a very very slow process, especially so if you have 2SV / FA on, not to mention the infamous captcha…


It’s been a bit but, it’s been implemented. I’ll mark this as the solution if people come across this.

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