Sword Swing Animations

I’m recreating some sword swing animations as practice and so far the sword swing itself looks very robotic and unsmooth. Any ideas on how to improve it or make it better?

Roblox Anim:


Also is Moon animator the best plugin to use or should I be working with the Roblox animator?


The part where the sword flicks over the characters head seems a tad to quick, compared to the motion before it.

But a great start!

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actually you can copy any movement, but you must look and pay attention to every single detail

  1. your animation is too fast ( in terms of, when you are trying to make an animation, you must create it slowly, so you will pay attention on all possible details)

–also, when creating ‘‘long’’ animations-- you can always adjustSpeed in-game so the animation will play fast

  1. legs movement is not in sync and he just moves the leg too fast
  2. the girl swinging the sword has alot of body movements, and this is what you must focus to make it perfect

i could do a similar animation but i’m out of time, if somehow i get some free time i’ll just post here a gif

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Looks good but put more work into the legs. Maybe have the player jump a little at the end or stretch out more. You can see in your reference animation that she extends her legs and gets on her tip toes at the end. Can’t really do that in Roblox, no toes, so a hop might work instead.

Also, I use blender for animations. The Roblox tools are fine for simple animations but if you spend any time doing these, you’ll want to learn some better tool.

the animation is good
but wait MOON ANIMATOR ANIMATIONS CAN PLAY IN-GAMES???(with repeat animation script or press button animation script)

While I was receiving feedback, I watched a followed tutorial on sword anims and now I want to export it into Roblox using a script like this.

The problem is whenever I exported it to roblox and changed the id to my new animation, it didn’t play in game. How would I export it so it can play?

New Anim:

Did you use this method?

  1. go to item in moon animator (make sure its already in the animation)
  2. click “Export All”.
  3. Create a rig and insert a model into it.
  4. rename the model “AnimSaves”
  5. Go to the ServerStorage or something and drag the exported moon animation into the AnimSaves.
  6. Click the default animation editor and open the animation.
  7. Publish it to Roblox and set the animation priority to Action
  8. Use the new ID and paste it in

When I did this, the Roblox animator only imported the head movement and not the body swings


Its probably because you welded the sword. Try doing it without it.

Still not working. Im gonna attach a video just to make sure im doing everything correctly

i figured it out, i was importing it onto an r15 rig instead of r6 silly me

I’ve Run into another issue, is there a way to export the sword keyframes along with the rig keyframes?

You can create a sword tool and it will work fine as long as it doesn’t have any animation overlapping it.

is there a way to export the sword keyframes along with the rig keyframes?

I don’t think so. Try using the option above ^

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It feels a bit tad too fast. Slow it down a bit so players will see the animation more clearly like in the reference.

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In This video there are times where the sword has its own animation and the creator mentioned he uses moon animator also. Did he also use a sword tool to make this? Also can you link a good tutorial for making sword tools and exporting sword anims because I don’t know how

Ye? You just have to export it…

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oh i didnt know that tbh thankyou for telling me it :smiley:

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what he did here is quite simple, but takes time to put everything together,

you will need:
1.some sort of script [Local Script] that has some combo stacks each time you click, and each attack performs a different atk animation, don’t forget to ‘‘wait for the animation to finish’’ before turning the cooldown variable to false [ yes, boolvalue here is essential]

  1. learn about some cframe and positions, (animating the HumanoidRootPart) looks really off and weird, FOR THIS, please use Cframe and some positioning + lookAt (there are some tutorials around sorry for not posting here)

  2. you will need like, 2-6, but for now only use two animations,

  3. FIrst animation will be the attack animation, (script works now) >> after the animation ends, you will need the SECOND animation to play, this animation will have some frames that the last animation played, that’s what he did in the video

if you stop holding your sword in some pose, ctrl+ c and v this last frame, and put it in the start of your ‘‘second animation’’

then you can edit the second animation to ''return slowly backwards effect"
so if the Player hits, and wait a while, the char will always return slowly,

this works because i tested once, you really need two animations, because if you mix this in a single animation, this will break the whole stuff

‘’‘but what if the player walks’’

depends on the game, if you wish for smooth movements, then wait for the player to finish returning to their pose, if NOT, then just stop instantly the last animation that played, this will prevent future spams or glitches

of course, what if the user clicks walks clicks walks clicks and etc
(only applies if you wish to stop the animation instantly)
(because smooth returns to the spot has the variable set to TRUE so the player canno’t attack or move until it finishes the whole animation or until the player attacks mid-combo again, this will open a window so they can move the character to the desired position they wish to attack)

Slowing the animation would probably improve it. Especially when the sword is pulled out.

Most people in the comments keep telling you to slow the animation down,
which is good, but I’m gonna try to help with the specifics.

Generally you should slow the whole animation down by a bit,
but also keep in mind the idea of “weight” in weapon wielding.
Maybe slow the first few AND last few frames to add greater weight–
and the slower it is, the more heavy it’ll feel.

It doesn’t have to be obnoxiously slow, but just enough to see that
the sword isn’t as if it was made made of paper, but solid metal. ^^
(or whichever material you aim for)