Sword throw animation

Hey guys! I’ve just finished this animation, please rate it.
(everything done in Roblox for anyone wondering, default animator)


Updated the recording to 60 FPS.

That NPC is talented. I can imagine throwing a sword in the air could go terribly wrong. . . rip NPC.

Jokes aside, well done. I really like the animation. However, at the beginning of the animation, it seems to jump to that position (there isn’t a really good transition into the animation).


yeah that’s a problem with the recording, in game it looks super smooth in the beginning.

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By the way, should I rework the wobble?

By the way, I’ll do more refinement tomorrow, and send an update here.

Hey, quick question. Is the tool rigged in a manner so that the animation plays in-game?
I’m having some issues where I can’t get my sword model to actually move/rotate in the game when I play the animation.

If you’ve got any solutions, I’d greatly appreciate the help. I’ll link my post down below.