"Synth City Pack" texture was moderated

The “Synty City Pack” is an asset pack that was officially released in June of 2021, along with several other Asset Packs as part of a collaboration with Synty:

The City Pack can be found here:

Expected behaviour:
The Pack should appear as it did in 2021 as part of the collaboration.

Actual behaviour:

Most of the assets appear grey, as the texture atlas for the pack was moderated:

Originally reported here:


This is starting to become a problem. There needs to be some investigation on how this is happening.

Other assets that have also been randomly moderated in the past week and have broken games:


Bump. A very well made & resourceful pack (the synty collaboration) once full of colour and life, now half gray and obsolete. Discouraging to developers who want to utilize these licensed collaboration packs in future work, when they have the possibility of just being rendered useless at some point down the timeline like this.


This also affects this experience which utilized this asset pack:

yep, this needs to be fixed.

there is a workaround, somehow the texture was uploaded 2 years prior to the asset pack and that one still works.