"System Default" Theme Option


On my Android phone, I have the setting that allows you to automatically enter dark theme in the evening and reenter light theme in the morning. Most of my apps are set to the “system default” option so the theme updates whenever the OS’s theme updates. To that I’d like to add that Roblox should allow this as well. It already has the light and dark themes, all we need is an additional option called “system default” which will automatically decide light or dark mode based on the device’s theme.

Now, some apps like Discord should stay in dark mode even in the day because the theme is middle gray (pretty light for a dark theme). But, the dark theme of the Roblox app is much darker, thus it wouldn’t fit as much during the day.

If this was added, it’d improve my experience because I can expect visual consistency across most of my software without any app sticking out like a sore thumb. Plus, in extremely bright places on a sunny day, dark mode pretty doesn’t stand a chance even on max brightness. Manually switching is tedious especially when you have a pin-protected settings lock, therefore an automated manner would be much more ideal.

Thank you.


I’d like to add that, although more useful for mobile, system default is a theme option on websites (e.g. GitHub) as well. On my desktop, using the Task Scheduler, I have automatic theme switching in the morning and evenings. So, having it on the website / the new Windows App would sync with our desktop themes. One of the main reasons I want this is because it’s a little strange to see your browser URL bar in light theme and the Roblox site in dark mode, and vise versa.