Taangerine | Builder & Modeler

About Me :canada:

Hey, I’m taangerine!
I have been building on Robox for about 7 years now. I tend to build in more of a cartoony style, and I particularly enjoy recreating things from shows.
If need be, I can add a bit of functionailty to some of my builds for an additional fee.

Below is some of my work:

Buildings :hammer:

Models :funeral_urn:

Availability :open_book:

I am available most days, given that I have not already taken a job. Just shoot me a message, preferrably on my discord “YOUNG #0095” and we can go from there.

Payment :moneybag:

Prices are negotiable, and vary depending on the scope of the project.
Comissions for sets of models usually start at around 400 R$. But depending on your specifications this price can fluctuate in either direction.

  • My perferred payment method is Robux, which must be paid through group funds.
  • I prefer being paid per asset.
  • I may accept a percentage of revenue as payment depending on the project, but it is unlikely.
  • I won’t accept payment by exposure.

Contact :phone:

My preferred method of contact is Discord. You can reach me at “YOUNG #0095”.

You can also contact me here on the developer forum, or through roblox messages. (Although it may take a while for me to get back to you.)

Thanks for reading! :heart:


Very aesthetic, unique style to stand out from others! would be good to add some estimate prices, for example the builds you posted would cost but other than that i wish you good luck!

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Thank you for the compliment, and for the feedback. :grinning:
I’ll make sure to update it soon!

Hello! I recently been heard that you wanted an application in my dev group! Your work is very good!

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You will be my developer team for my project!

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Thank you! Is there a more efficient way that we can contact eachother?

I friended you on roblox, Ill put you in dev chat

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Ill have to unfirend you but we have dev chat

Recently updated some information.

Taangerine is a good builder. He is extremely fast and is a good communicator. He understands concepts very quickly, and I haven’t seen much builders able to do that. I definitely recommenced him if you want your builds to be done quick and highly professional.

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Amazing work! Dm’d you on discord :smiley:

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