Tag Editor Plugin for Studio

[Update] November 14, 2022

Hello Creators!

We are excited to announce that the CollectionService will be getting more accessible with a new Tag Editor plugin built into Studio.

This new plugin adds a front-end UI for developers to tag instances in the world to improve their workflows’ organization and scriptability.

How to use this plugin:

  • Open Studio, and navigate to the Plugins tab to find the Tag Editor.


  • Assign a tag to a part by selecting a part, then clicking the checkbox for the tag you’d like to apply.

  • Visualize your tags in the viewport by clicking the World View button.

  • Create a new tag by clicking New Tag, typing a name, and pressing enter.


  • Delete a tag or group by selecting it in the list, and clicking the delete button.


  • Rename a tag or a group by double-clicking the name in the list.


  • Group tags by selecting a tag, and clicking the new group button.


  • Edit a group’s tags by clicking the edit button, then the + - icons for the tags to include/remove.


Next Steps

  • The new plugin will roll out around the same time as this announcement.

  • A couple of weeks after the launch, the Ribbon bar button for the Tag Editor button will be moving from the Plugin tab to the View tab under the Show section.

Studio’s new Tag Editor is built using some common code with permission from @Sweetheartichoke’s Tag Editor plugin and is compatible with tags using her plugin. If you enjoy this update, give her a shoutout!

We hope that bringing this community-inspired tool into Studio will improve the speed and organization of your workflows. Be sure to check out our documentation site to get an overview of the CollectionService and the useful ways you can use it in your project!

Thank you.


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Nice to see someone found the ticket at the bottom of the database for this feature request.

Thank you for finally delivering this!


this is a great feature!! its going to make using CollectionService in our games much easier and more accessible to normal people. and would also improve free models and stuff.


Glad to know this was in collaboration with @Sweetheartichoke and wasn’t anything malicious :smiley:


For sure. It’s a plug in I’ve used for years and it’s so great to see this come straight of the box


I see this here and I’m not finding the plugin yet in my plugins bar but I have the announcement in studio, any ideas?


I’m glad that this plugin become built-in, its nice to see something that I contribute being used on roblox


Thank you very much for your contributions to the community!


Thank you! This should have been built in ages ago.


I am so happy to see an official Tag Editor plugin built into Studio! This will make using CollectionService significantly easier for many new developers.

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Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately, we’ve hit a minor snag. The Tag Editor plugin will be rolling out a little later than intended.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for understanding.


Finally, after all these years it actually came!

Will other community plugins also potentially follow suit and become officially built-in such as Local File Importer and Tool Grip Editor as well?


Seeing the world view visibility toggle makes me want to have this as an actual option for general instances under workspace so you can hide them from view easily without moving them around into random places just to hide them. Maybe even having a render toggle button which just disables rendering for disabled objects, essentially something similar to what blender does to their explorer.

Nonetheless this plugin looks very interesting, didn’t know there was an existing plugin on this already I might have to just check it out :eyes:


Happy to see this finally being offered natively in Studio.

Curious though, why was this done as a plugin instead of being built into the properties widget like attributes? The reason last time I asked was because Roblox had a large plan for tag support in properties with no tolerance for a partial or “good enough” solution. Was this done just because it was simpler than integrating with the properties widget?


Wild how this is just now happening. The tag editor plugin & CollectionService are by far some of my most used features when developing on Roblox, and I know I’m not alone in that fact.

Looking forward to using the official plugin at last!

Wow this has to be my favorite update ever, though there’s already one being made but having this as official plugin sounds cool! now we don’t need to find that plugin and install it again :sweat_smile:

At last! More people will be exposed to the greatness of collectionservice. Hope to see an increase in people using it!

: D

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This is awesome! I’ve used the community version of this plugin for all sorts of things in the past and it’s really nice to see it being added as an official Studio feature. This will definitely raise awareness of the tags feature and encourage more devs to start making use of it!

Much needed implementation, thank you guys for this!

I just wish I had this when I first worked with CollectionService as it would have made my experience using it much easier, but what can you do? I digress, I’m very happy I no longer need to make my own implementation by iterating through the workspace and using some identifiers (eg. values or attributes [which didn’t exist when I first tried using the service]), and that newcomers can now benefit from this service right away as well.