Tag Tracker Plugin

The Plugin

About Tag Tracker

Tag Tracker is a Roblox Studio Plugin that lets you tag instances with the CollectionService automatically. This is useful for when instances in a group always have something in common. For example, trees will always have trunks. You shouldn’t have to worry about manually adding new instances to the group every time. Instead, define a lua function that checks the instances for you.


  • Append strings to the names of the beginning and/or end of a selection
  • Automatically keep Collection Groups updated by defining your own criteria in lua functions
  • Insert the Bounding Box of a Model

What is CollectionService

How to Use Tracker

When you first install the plugin and restart studio, the main Module will open up in ServerScriptService.TrackerFolder.Checks. This is the Module where you will define your functions. You want to return a table that has string keys (these are the names of the groups) and function values. The functions take in an instance parameter and return true if the instance should be added to that collection group.
IMPORTANT: Once you make your changes (and commit if you have drafts) you have to click the “Set Checks” plugin button for it to update. Errors are printed to the output. Also, this does not run during runtime (when you click play).


return {
     Trees = function(inst)
          return string.find(string.lower(inst.Name), "tree")
     Sand = function(inst)
          return inst.Material == Enum.Material.Sand
          -- note: you dont have to check if inst is a BasePart because
          -- if it errors it will not return true

To see if everything is working, you can use this manual plugin, or test yourself: