Taken Group Names

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had an idea for a group name then to be disappointed only to see it taken by an unused group. This happened to me recently when I was trying to create a group called “White Forest.” The name was taken and I tracked it back to a group with 0 members and locked on approval only. There was no possible way to get the group, and the name was just sitting there, never able to be used.

The thread on taken usernames that popped up is a similar problem. I’d like to request a way to re purpose dead groups with useable names. Perhaps an inactive group wipe or just being able to request an investigation into the activity of the name you want by support, any way to get a group name that’s taken by a dead group would be great.

I think a feature like this would be excellent for everybody who’s trying to create groups, for obvious reasons.


I second this!

I’ve had do to some character glitches in the past to get a name I needed/wanted, and that just doesn’t suffice as generally if you do that, you’ll end up showing up on the 12th page if you search for your specific group, which personally depending on the group, is a huge no-no.

This would be extremely useful, maybe have an option to put in a request to take the name from an inactive group.


This is the first time it has been suggested. Here is one I could find:


It sure would be nice if empty locked on-approval groups could get wiped when the last user leaves.


Either the group should be deleted and the name freed up, or the name is replaced with some generic name “LOCKED-GROUP #####” (for moderation purposes) and the old name freed up.


I agree. Maybe if the group reaches 0 users it deletes? allowing other players to then use the name in the future. Overall there is tons of groups like this and it is just annoying.


In all honestly, multiple groups should be able to have the same name in the first place.


As I said in my thread on the situation, a user shouldn’t be able to leave a group with it’s join permissions set to ‘request pending’. This would stop any future problems. As for the current groups, they should be all deleted or, the less favoured option, making their join permissions set to public.


Doing this takes away the uniqueness that some groups have.

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Full support, there are so many dead groups that are impossible to get access to, and taken names etc. are really annoying.


support, as some other guy said you shouldn’t be able to leave locked groups in the first place

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Groups have IDs, right? Why can’t they have the same names and only be referenced internally by their ID?

I support this.

ADDITIONALLY: Terminated users should have their name freed up once their account is deleted, allowing others to use their name.


Keep in mind that groups like this have private games, assets, and group funds. Opening them up would allow all of these to become public domain. Forcing a group to be public when discarded really isn’t appropriate for these reasons (though it would be nice to have a more elegant way to close old groups you don’t use), but giving them dummy names like Group0128419248192418924 but keeping all assets/funds private will prevent that.


Couldn’t people still claim my old group with that crazy name and look through its assets? When I leave an old development group with any assets at all, I need that group to be either deleted or completely inaccessible for all time.


No, there would be no such thing as group claiming. No group would ever become open – only the names. Groups whose names are opened up to the public would be given a randomized name that isn’t currently in use.


You pointed this out in the last thread, we don’t need to argue about it again.

Obviously there is a little more to it than what I mentioned here. e.e

Reviving this thread because I am encountering the same issues yet again. Groups with desirable names are purposefully locked by bad actors by setting membership to manual approval and leaving these groups, making them inaccessible and broken, essentially shutting them down. There is currently no way to gain access to these groups.



Something needs to be done to recirculate these old groups that are currently inaccessible.


It’s been three years since I originally posted this thread and there hasn’t seem to be any sort of development on this topic. I’m grateful for the most recent features added to Roblox, but it’s still rather surprising to me how this is still an unresolved problem.

In all fairness, having names taken up isn’t a topic that is unique to Roblox in any way, but many sites have their own systems in place to request customer support to free up taken names.

In this unique case however, many groups sit with no owner, no members and no possible way for anybody to ever get use out of them again. Unlike with accounts, there isn’t a way to argue that these groups still have a purpose or a proper owner. They just exist, taking up names.


Have to bump this. Currently stuck in a situation where I rebranded my development team, but somehow the group name is taken by a locked group…

I believe that changing this behavior would be great for the groups system, motivating more users to make groups with original names instead of “Roblox ^^^^! Hotel 132991”.

We desperately need locked groups to be renamed automatically so the names become available for us.


Adding the ability to delete your groups would help with this as well. Say you have a group you do not want or use anymore, so you delete it. This then frees up the name for others.