Takes multiple seconds to add characters into the Script Editor

The bug itself happened after reinstalling Roblox Studio today.
Previously I was able to edit code with scripts reaching around four thousand lines, but since reinstalling studio, It can take up to 10 seconds for a recently typed characters to be added into the script editor window - given the script has enough lines.

I am not sure where the exact line threshold is for performance when it comes to using the script editor. However previous versions of Roblox Studio were capable of handling scripts with thousands of lines.

I currently use Windows OS.
Here are my system specs:

The last Roblox Studio Launcher I had downloaded and installed was on ‎Tuesday, ‎July ‎14, ‎2020, ‏‎7:50:29 PM - prior to reinstalling today.

I tried to follow the tutorial
However, excuse me if the current microprofiler file is insufficient as I am unable to create a microprofiler dump while being in the script editor - I’m required to quickly switch studio tabs to do so.

This is the dump right before trying to open the script - as this also makes studio freeze momentarily
microprofile-20200810-194904.html (797.6 KB)

Here are some microprofiler dumps right after switching to worldview after interacting with the script editor - the currently used script contains 4812 lines.
microprofile-20200810-194904.html (797.6 KB)
microprofile-20200810-195149.html (1009.1 KB)
microprofile-20200810-195219.html (806.9 KB)
microprofile-20200810-195326.html (798.1 KB)
microprofile-20200810-195339.html (797.4 KB)

This is the place-id wherein the code is featured: 3426934295
It’d be great if this issue could be looked into as it is preventing me from fixing issues in a live game with active players.

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Hey Maxx_J,

Have you turned off vsync yet? Studio doesn’t support it but it somehow slowdown the performance.

I’ve turned off vsync and I am still getting performance issues when editing scripts with many lines.