Tamurou Public Handbook

:teapot: Introduction

Welcome to Tamurou! We are a Japanese teahouse located in the beautiful island of Okinawa. Our teahouse offers a tranquil experience where you can unwind, chat with others, and be immersed in the cultural diversity of Japan. We offer exquisite Japanese teas that our customers indulge in and the true essence of Japan - hospitality. We are also a dedicated initiative to restore and preserve the timeless traditions of Japan’s tea culture. Tamurou is not merely a teahouse; it is a living museum, a cultural sanctuary, and a place where history and serenity blend harmoniously.
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“A Taste of Tradition” :dango:

:japanese_castle: Teahouse Guide

Terms of Service

Experience Attire
All outfits worn in our experiences should remain socially acceptable and somewhat appropriate. We leave some leeway with this regulation, no matter if it is still enforced.

Social Limits
We understand jokes and enjoy your time with your friends, however we want to keep everyone comfortable. Refrain from excessively spamming in the chat as well as refrain from coming to the experience just to ruin it for others. As well, make sure to treat people how you would expect to be treated.

We have no tolerance policy for exploiting in our experience as it causes our development to take damage along with it will ruin the experience for other players.

Common Sense
Always think before any action you take, if it’s something you think would get you in trouble: simply don’t do it!

Session Information

Training sessions are hosted at the times listed below. Please join about 15 minutes before the training begins or before the session is full and/or slocked. Trainings are held daily by our MR team. If you need assistance, ask in our communications server or notify us on the group wall.

To Be Decided

Please bear in mind that there’s always a chance a session may not be hosted for various reasons. If a session isn’t posted by XX:00, please assume it won’t be hosted and is cancelled.

Partnership Information

Thank you for showing interest, we always look forward to forming new partnerships with different groups on the platform. In order to become a partner with our group, you must first ensure that your group meets a set criteria. This criteria can be found further into this document. If your group meets the list of requirements, you may move onto the application process. This application will consist of a series of questions about your group and our potential partnership, that you will be expected to answer. It is recommended that you write a minimum of three sentence for each question, and we would greatly appreciate it if you would be able to provide us with as much detail as possible. with other groups if they are caught violating any of our rules.

However, we are confident that we will be able to form many long-lasting partnerships with different groups on the platform, without any problems.


  • Group must have a minimum of 40 non-botted members
  • Discord server must have a minimum of 15 members
  • Group mustn’t sell any ranks with administrative abilities
  • Must hold a good reputation in the Roblox Hospitality/Roleplay industry and should not have any negative history/records.
  • Must be willing to actively host alliance events/visits with our group
  • Must remain communicative with our Relations Department, and be willing to announce things to do with our group on your server
  • Group and discord server must be active on a daily basis, with professional staff members
  • Must be a group in the Roblox Roleplay/Hospitality Industry.

Please note, exceptions of our requirements CAN be made.

Application Process
If your group has met all of the above criteria, you may move onto the application process. You will be expected to create a Google document containing the answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the name of your ROBLOX group?

  2. Tell us about your group. What is it about?

  3. What are the usernames of the two individuals that will be representing your group?

  4. How many non-botted, group members do you have?

  5. How many discord members do you have?

  6. How will you be able to benefit our group if we were to form an alliance with you?

  7. Why should we form an alliance with your group, compared to other groups on the Roblox platform?

  8. Will your group representatives remain communicative with our representatives, and will you be willing to host alliance events/visits with us, as well as announce things about our group on your discord server?

Once you have answered all of the above questions in as much detail as possible, and with 3+ sentences in a Google document, you may send it to a member of the Relations Department. They will then share the document with the rest of our Relations Department to review. Please note that this process may take 2-3 days to complete.

Please ensure that the member you are sending it to has viewing access. You should also stay communicative and in-touch with that representative, after submitting your application to them.

Rank Information

Are you curious about your responsibilities or how to get promoted? This document has the answers. It includes rank names, new responsibilities, player limits, and additional information. Unless otherwise stated, roles higher than another role retain the same responsibilities.

Presidential Team
The Presidential Team includes ranks from Presidential Assistant to President. The team oversees Tamurou’s major operations and directs the Executive Team. They hold the highest positions within Tamurou.

High Rank
High Rank includes positions from Board of Director to Executive Director. These ranks are responsible for managing Tamurou’s departmental operations. Members of High Ranks belong to either the Staffing Department or Relations Department, and their responsibilities primarily involve participating in their respective departmental duties.

Middle Ranks
Middle Ranks include positions from House Assistant to Manager. These ranks are tasked with managing sessions, shifts, and overall supervision within the teahouse. They ensure the smooth running of Tamurou’s daily operations.

Low Ranks
Low Ranks range from Junior Barista to Master Barista. Their primary responsibilities include serving customers and assisting other staff members within the teahouse. Master Baristas can also be recommended for or apply to the position of House Assistant.

Master Barista Promotion Guide

The Staffing Department at Tamurou is on the lookout for dedicated individuals to join our Management team. The first step towards becoming a management team member is completing our internship process. To get promoted to House Assistant, you need to be recognised at the teashop by our Staffing Department for your hard work. Further details on the process will be provided once this recognition is achieved. To help you stand out, we’ve provided some tips below:

  1. Dedicate a minimum of 60 minutes a day at the teashop
  2. Maintain proper grammar and spelling when interacting with others
  3. Display professionalism, especially when dealing with customers
  4. Stay active in our communication server
  5. Don’t hesitate to talk with our management team members—they’re friendly!

Feel free to join our community server to explore further and participate in our exclusive events! We look forward to see you joining our team soon.

We invite you to embark on a journey with Tamurou, where the elegance and tranquility of the Japanese tea ceremony are brought to life. Whether you are a historian, a cultural enthusiast, or someone seeking a moment of peace, Tamurou offers a space to connect with the rich heritage of Japan.

Tamurou Leadership