Tastetea | Senior Barista Promotion Guide

Tastetea | Senior Barista Promotion Guide


At Tastetea, we promote many baristas to Senior Barista. However, because of our rank limitations, only a certain amount of them can achieve the next rank at a time. We have created a guide that will include tips on how a Senior Barista can be promoted to Staff Assistant, the first introductory rank in the Middle Rank sector. Please note that achieving this rank can be difficult and it will require hard work and motivation.

Promotion Process

To become a Staff Assistant, you must first obtain the rank of Senior Barista by attending and passing a training session as a Barista. For a list of training session times, please refer back to the Session Rotation Guide. From here, you no longer have to attend any more training sessions.

Once you have obtained the rank of Senior Barista, you are expected to remain dedicated, active, and hardworking to be promoted. Senior Baristas can receive a promotion if a member of the Human Resources Department sees them showing acts of kindness, communication, activity, and diligence in the kitchen. Please remember that it is more effective to work multiple days in a row rather than a number of hours in a row, then failing to be present for a few more days at a time. Tastetea is looking for commitment and consistency!

Promotion Requirements

The requirements listed below must be fulfilled in order to be eligible for a Senior Barista promotion. If you are missing any of these requirements, you won’t be able to get promoted to Staff Assistant.

  • Must be a Senior Barista for 5 days or longer.
  • Must be in the Tastetea communications server.
  • Must be over the age of 12.
  • Must not have safechat.
  • Must have a clean slate/record at Tastetea (you haven’t shown impertinence, hinting, etc).


Here at Tastetea, we do not tolerate hinting for a promotion in any shape or form. Hinting can include saying things such as, “I wish you could promote me to Staff Assistant!” or “Can you promote me, please? I’ve been very hardworking.” to a member of staff. Depending on the severity of the hinting, you could be blacklisted from being promoted to Staff Assistant, which would not be lucrative in any way.


All staff aiming to get promoted to Staff Assistant should refer back to this guide when the time comes. You should also be following a basic set of morals at all times. Staying active, dedicated, and helpful will raise your chances of getting a promotion tremendously, as we are looking for staff who intend to represent Tastetea in a better light. Please remember that getting promoted takes time, and you shouldn’t expect to rank up straight away.

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